House Of Sand And Fog Summaries

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HSF Section Summaries
Section 29:
Behrani is tired while shopping at the hardware store for signs, stakes, and wrecking bar. On the way home, he stops by the bottom of the hill to put up a “For Sale” sign. When he gets to the house, he is angry to see Kathy and Nadi talking. He grabs Kathy violently by her arm and shoves her into her car. Behrani calls her “nothing”. Nadi screams at Behrani and calls him a “beast” while hitting him. Behrani tells Kathy that Lester’s superior officers know about her friend.
Section 30:
Kathy had stopped by a 7-Eleven at El Cerrito to buy a box of tissues and ice cream. She had passed by a pay phone on her way back to her ...view middle of the document...

During loading the gasoline can in her trunk she noticed Lester’s gun and takes it with her. She drove north to San Bruno and stopped at a self-service gas station. After filling her tank, she proceeds to the booth to pay. However, she was too drunk to tell that she had not given enough money. The lady in the booth shaking her head, was impatient. Kathy found herself pulling out the gun and pointing it at the lady. Then, Kathy noticing the fear within the lady’s gestures, puts the gun back in her pocket and drives away.
Section 31:
Behrani tired by the afternoon, has yet to take a nap nor drink tea, is fixing Nadi’s mother’s broken table. Nadi pushes a note from Kathy into Behrani’s hand, showing complete anger and distrust of him. In that moment, he had realized that there is no way of hiding the truth any longer. Nadi starts cursing at Behrani and calling him names like thief and dog. Behrani sits on the sofa and lets everything pass over. Nadi breaking down into tears, fears that her family will be deported because of stealing Kathy’s home. After hearing too much of Nadi, Behrani has had enough and wants nothing to do with her anymore. Behrani thinks that without her he would be “light as dust”. Nadi continues to call him selfish. He then explains that he does nothing for himself but for his family, and that he knew nothing about the situation at the time of the sale. Nadi refuses to listen and continuous to curse and finally she locks herself in her room.

Section 32:
Kathy drove west for Corona, worrying about police looking for her after what she had done at the gas station with the lady. Kathy was careful making sure to follow all the traffic lights as she smokes her cigarette feeling drunk. As she passed the drugstore she notices a Corona police cruiser parked around the corner, keeping her head still, she drove past the policeman. Kathy didn’t know what she was doing. She pulled over the driveway staring at the changes made to her house. She felt like the...

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