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House Of Spirits Essay

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Throughout the novel that was written by Isabel Allende, there were minor confusions as to who the narrator of the story was. In the beginning there was noticeable usage of the Third Person indicating that Isabel was the narrator at the moment, but as the story progressed there was usage of the First Person which put a reader such as myself in a flux of confusion. The narrator at that time was led to be Esteban Trueba mainly because there were remarks of when he made “mistakes” which would make him sound like he wasn’t to blame for them. However, as the story continues, there seems to be yet another narrator who happens to be Alba, Esteban’s granddaughter. Her part of being the ...view middle of the document...

Even if others may not find any sympathy for Esteban whatsoever, I do. Esteban had lost his betrothed wife, Rosa, which had caused him to harden his heart and gave him fits of rage. Even though he married Clara, Rosa’s younger sister, he still remained stubborn and violent which eventually alienated everyone who was close to him. As a way to make up for his past sins Esteban sought to change his ways when he was near the end of his life. He made amends to his family by helping his daughter, Blanca, and her husband, Pedro, escape the country. When his granddaughter, Alba, was kidnapped he did all he could to get her back and when he did he was “ecstatic” causing him to pass as a man who had earned his wife’s forgiveness.
If one voice were to be more believable than the other than I believe that the author’s narration can be found more believable to the others because everyone in the novel, besides Alba and Esteban, tells a side of their story along with their mistakes that they have committed. The author covers each character’s background before having them speak as a means of getting to know their character before reading about them. Each character will try to be sympathetic as way for the reader to feel sorry for them and believe that there was no other way. Isabel’s narration brings a greater depth to the story as she begins to have each character have a way to amend themselves for the things they committed showing that they needed to forgive themselves rather than having others show sympathy towards them. For example, Esteban was...

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