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House On Mago Street Essay A Letter To Esperanza Explaining Importance Of Family

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Dear Esperanza,Throughout this book, you seem to always want to leave Mango Street, to leave your family. In the end you even wish to leave Mango Street behind, with your family and the memories you have there. Nenny, although annoying at times, just wants to be your sister and be just like you. Even though your parents may seem overbearing or stern at times, they are just looking out for you. You need to realize that you will always be part of your family in Mango Street, and everyone in it plays a vital role in your growing up. Your family will always be there for you no matter what happens, unlike the friends that you may have for a while then they go away.Nenny is an irreplaceable and ...view middle of the document...

Your parents are also very important in both your life and you childhood. Your mother serves as an example for you, to follow or not. At one point, you look upon her while she is working in the kitchen, and she gives you priceless advice. "Esperanza, you go to school. Study hard.... Got to take care all your own" (HMST, pg. 91). You can learn from this, and her being there to give you this advice is a pivotal part of your growing as a person. A different side is seen in your dad when his father dies, and you see that although he is usually strong and stern, he still cries, as you see him do for the first time. This gives you a new perspective of him, and lets you see that he is human as well. Even though my parents may sometime seem overbearing or like they're trying to run my life, it always seems to come out better after I follow their advice. Although I'll never admit that to them, I think that they have really helped me to become who I am today. Your parents will help you make very important decisions, and will prove to be the backbones of your character.Your whole family, including your aunts and uncles and extended family, will prove to be a influencing group of people on your growing up as a person. This is shown when you all gather together for one of your cousin's first communion, and you interact with many of them there. When Uncle Nacho dances with you, at first you describe your feet as plungers and are belligerent to dance with him....

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