House On Mango Street Essay

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Tiffany Scott
English 1020
Dr. Hall
The House on Mango Street
The house on Mango Street was based on the life of a little girl named Sandra Cisneros. She wrote the book based on her life growing up. She was born in Chicago in 1954 where she had six brothers and was the only daughter. Growing up, her mother and father moved Cisneros and her brother around a lot. “Because we moved so much, and always in neighborhoods that appeared like France after World War II, empty lots and burned out buildings, I retreated inside myself” Cisneros said when explaining all her moves as painful experiences. She found a way to deal with her life by writing. This led her to writing the book, The ...view middle of the document...

Every character was explained in different ways.
Then, there are female characters imprisoned in a man's world. The book is directed a lot on man's dominance on woman, even when she talks about her personal experience. In fact, in the episode of her first job, she tells about an old man who forces her to kiss him and furthermore. She describes a feeling of hate when sees a woman yielding to man's rules and obeying them. All these experiences make her have feelings of anger and impotence, but more than this, she feels misunderstood. As a matter of fact, she doesn't find a place that belongs to her. Her house on Mango Street isn't her house. She explains how even the garden that they used to love doesn’t even feel like hers anymore.
The story of The House on Mango Street is not exactly all based on what only happened in this place. More exactly it tells many similar experiences and many people pieces of life. The house on Mango Street is not only a house, but it represents a whole world, governed by man's rules and injustices. When the author thinks about the house of her...

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