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Maturing is a gradual process that children go through which takes many years for them to develop. In The House on Mango Street, girls in the barrios of Chicago like Esperanza have difficulty growing up due to their poverty-stricken circumstances. Sandra Cisneros writes about a girl growing up in hardship all around with a small house, being made fun of at school, even rape, yet the strength of Esperanza shines through 'til the end as a strong Latino girl. Cisneros relays a strong theme of sexism and coming of age, as the innocence of girls in the barrio can be taken lightly and quickly.Esperanza, the main character, also the narrator in The House on Mango Street, lived in the barrios of ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, she meets the Three Sisters, mysterious aunts of her friends Lucy and Rachel, who tell Esperanza that she is special, and that she must return to Mango Street for the people she leaves behind once she gets out. The resolution occurs in the very last chapter, when Esperanza internalizes the words of the Sisters and decides once and for all that she will finally find her way out of Mango Street, energized by her writing, as she has always wanted. Perhaps more significantly, she now understands the importance of returning, as a way of acknowledging her strength, and the part Mango Street plays in her identity.The story is told by Esperanza, and begins when she first moves to Mango Street, a poor, Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago. Esperanza says that she has lived in many different places. She implies that she is close to her family, and describes their interactions and even their hair; though tells us she does not like her name, because it is too long and because it was her grandmother's name. "Esperanza. I have inherited her name, but I don't want to inherit her place by the window." (Cisneros 11) Her grandmother did not want to get married, but was forced to by Esperanza's grandfather which goes onto the story that her grandmother never forgive him, and looked out the window her whole life. Slowly, Esperanza begins to meet people in the neighborhood, as she meets Cathy, a stuck-up girl, and Lucy and Rachel, who live across the street; she started to create friendship among them. Sisters of Esperanza, these two will become Esperanza's best friends on Mango Street....

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