Housing Deficit In Ghana Essay

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Bernard Yaw Missedja

PG7482612 SOC 570




Bernard Yaw Missedja

PG7482612 SOC 570

1. Introduction Man has innately an inexplicable rights bequeathed to him by the creator. Through the safe-guard and the protection of these rights, man has however harnessed science and technology to reduce the cost of living and increase the living standard of people in the society. Amongst these is the right to adequate shelter. Thus, the right to adequate housing cannot be underestimated. Housing is broadly defined to include the physical shelter and related ...view middle of the document...

In addition, Article 11(d) of the Constitution provides for the recognition of the existing laws of the land as part of the laws of Ghana. This according to Missedja (2010), gives backing to the Rent Act of 1963, the Conveyance Decree of 1973 and related regulations governing accommodation in the country as the right to adequate housing is intricately linked to the enjoyment of other human rights like education, health and security. It is of essence that governments around the world seek to provide better living condition for its citizenry as per the social contract. This basis notwithstanding, Ghana’s housing needs is not commensurate with the increase population.

2. The Problem: It is important to note that building a house and owning a home is key to the overall development of any nation, and it stands to reason that it impacts directly on the social, economic and health status of its citizens.


Bernard Yaw Missedja

PG7482612 SOC 570

This housing/population disparity has become a serious menace to the Ghanaian society which was aptly captured by former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kuffour, when he noted that, ‘housing brings to mind the problems associated with population. Ghana’s population which is more than 20 million is set to increase by 50 percent by the year 2025, with an annual growth rate between 2.7% - 3% (Ghana News Agency (GNA), 2006). This position was further highlighted by the former Vice-President of Ghana John Mahama when he revealed that Ghana was still grappling with the major issue of access to decent housing at affordable cost, coupled with insufficient housing stock to meet the ever increasing demand for housing in the urban centers. Hence …available statistics indicate that there is an acute shortage of over 400,000 units of houses nationwide, while the supply capacity nationally is estimated to be 42,000 units per annum. The above data therefore presupposes that, to cater for this shortfall in housing, the annual housing delivery in Ghana should be approximately 120,000 housing units. This means that about 60% of Ghana’s national housing requirement remains unsatisfied (GNA, 2009). Recently, Appiah (2011) quoted the Central Regional Minister, Ms. Ama Benyiwa Doe, disclosing that Ghana’s housing deficit will worsen by the end of 2025 due to the increase in population. She further disclosed that the country’s housing deficit will soon hit 6 million by 2025 since the annual output is between 30,000 and 60,000. She indicated that 2.3 million new households will be added up to the current housing deficit, noting that the situation puts a lot of stress on government’s expenditure to reduce housing deficit through its pragmatic strategies and policies.


Bernard Yaw Missedja

PG7482612 SOC 570

The issue of housing deficit is not peculiar to only Ghana. According to Alitheia Capital (2012) recent reports have shown that the stock of habitable housing in Lagos, Nigeria is 1.25million units with...

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