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How About The Power Consumption Of Vibrating Feeder

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With the development of mining machinery industry, there are many kinds of mining machines in the market, such as crushers, cone crusher, jaw crusher and vibrating feeder and so on. Oh, saying the vibrating feeder, do you know the power consumption of vibrating grizzly feeder? If you have not ever heard of it, today our expert of HXJQ will talk something about it. I think you can read this article with your a little time.

At first, we will talk about the configuration design. Configuration design should be based on equipment performance requirements as far as possible. Configuration should be designed according to the requirements of the equipment performance, minimize material tank pressure required by the manufacturer, Bunker effective discharge port shall not be greater than one-fourth of the slot width, material flow speed should be controlled 6-18m /min. The structure ...view middle of the document...

Most of the TK-Series vibrating feeders are available with either squirrel cage motors or hydraulic drives.For larger materials with feeding capacity, the silo bottom discharge should be set a sufficient height elam mine board; In order to not affect the performance of the feeder, the board shall be fixed in the tank. In order to smooth discharge for the silo, silo posterior wall inclination is designed of 55-65 degrees. The application of electromagnetic vibrating feeder: electromagnetic vibrating feeder is generally used in the mining industry, electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively new type of quantitative feeding equipment, electromagnetic vibrating feeder can adapt to continuous production requirements, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries.

What’s more, TK-Series mechanical feeder are available with a solid pan, screen mesh or grizzly bars. The TK-Series has been designed to be compact in size, light in weight, yet well suited to hard rock applications.

1. The chute of inertial vibration feeder made of alloy steel plate, applicable for conveying materials that are serious worn and tear because of high temperature and corrosion.

2. No rotating parts, no lubrication, simple structure and easy maintenance.

3. Inertia the vibrating feeder Electrical control adopts a half-wave rectifier circuit, and it can be adjusted to the quantity, can be used for automatic control of the production process, and finally achieve production process automation.

4. Inertial vibration feeder material is micro-projectile motion, chute wear is small.

Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. If you have other supplement, you can comment about my article. We learn from each other, and make progress together. Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you like it. If you have any other question, you can get int our website:

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