How Can Diets Work In Order To Obtain Ultimate Health?

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Brunna DaSilva
Professor Powers
English 102
10 December, 2013
How can diets work in order to obtain ultimate health?
While researching books and articles about nutrition and diets, I found something very interesting that almost all the authors had in common. 95 percent of the authors of the books and articles I researched were obese at certain point of their lives and had tried many types of modern diets such as Atkins, South Beach, Ornish, Zone, the blood type diet, detoxing, the cookie diet-I and etc… without any long term good results. “Every year we are offered new diets, new books on dieting, and new weight-loss programs” (Katharine 1).
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The genes
Have you ever heard of those people, who are constantly dieting, and perhaps you see them losing some pounds here and there, but it seems like they gain all the weight they lost back in a period of weeks? Is that a situation that you have gone through yourself? Do diets work or it is a matter of having “good” genes? “Sixty five percent of Americans are overweight and 31 percent are obese, with the consequences including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and cancer” (Harlan 1). Does that mean that we, (the majority of us) are born with bad genes, (especially Americans) or is there something wrong with the way we see diets? “We are genetically programmed to eat a diet that helps quickly reproduce our genes but is actually killing us-the body that houses them. This deadly diet activates a host of killer genes designed to ensure that you don’t stick around very long” (Gundry 5). Doctors have been finding out that what we chose to eat have a big influence in the nourishment of our genes, and researches have been proving that we can change our bad genes into good genes through a healthier life style. “90 percent of the cells in your body are replaced every three months, the great news is that you can create a “new” you in as little as 90 days” (Gundry 5). It is almost like we are being recycled in every three months. We can change our bad genes into good genes, therefore genes don’t play the whole play when it comes to obesity and all the modern disease that there are out there. “By sending the right message to your genes, you can restore your health, lose excess weight, and likely extend your life” (Gundry 5). So, if we are able to send the right message to our genes it must be through what we chose to nourish our genes. By that statement I mean that our diets and the way we are choosing to feed ourselves have a huge impact on us. “When you eat and live in a certain way you unwittingly send messages to your genes saying that you’re a drain on the system” (Gundry 22). What many people even doctors don’t know is how to send the right message to their bodies using food. But would diets such as Atkins, South Beach, Ornish, Zone, the blood type diet, detoxing, the cookie diet-I and etc… really work to help people to communicate with their genes in the proper way? According to researches they wouldn’t. In the book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Revolution, Dr. Gundry make a remarkable confession about his health before learning about to proper nourish his genes; “I was obese. Yes an obese heart surgeon. Yes, that’s right, an obese heart surgeon. I lost weight on every diet that came down the pike and then renationalized its inevitable return. Until I discovered how to communicate with my genes, I couldn’t seem to deal with the extra weight, high cholesterol arthritis and tendency to diabetes” (Gundry 3). If we don’t take care of ourselves even if we have “good” genes they won’t do any good for us. “If you have disease such as...

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