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How Can The Way In Which We Organize Our Thinking By Using Mental Images, Concepts And Schema Help Us Improve Our Memory?

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How Can The Way In Which We Organize Our thinking By Using Mental Images, Concepts And Schema Help Us Improve Our Memory?

In this assignment I will discuss that there are ways in which we can organize the way we think and improve our memory, first I will talk about the use of mental images moving on to discussing different concepts and finally incorporating structured pre conceived ideas (schemas).

Mental images or iconic thought , is your minds way of forming and thinking in pictures, you use mental picture in everyday life evens when recalling what someone looks like the use of mental pictures can be very effective when learning a new language .In starting with psychology (2010) ...view middle of the document...

Once you have done this look again at the words and categorize the words into “cue” groups of animals, food, flowers, and events. Then repeat the test and see if you can recall the list better the words have been grouped together and
You now have a “cue” word to help.
Weston Bousfield (1953) tried a more complex version of this, by asking participants to learn a list of 60 words that were split into four categories, the words were not in any order but participants seemed to remember the words in groups so the word apple would be followed with peach lemon and strawberry because .the “cue” word would be “fruit”
This shows that we can remember the information given but when a “cue” word is introduced we tend to store the information better because of the way in which our memory has organized it , it seems the cue word has a knock on affect and causes our memory to recall more of the words.
Finally in starting with psychology (2010) page 43 it states a schema “is a mental framework of knowledge developed as a result of experience”, basically your memory is like a huge archive where it holds all kind of information about everyday life for example when you think a doctor you associate the words hospital, medicine, surgery, even fear this gives you your doctors schema because your memory is recalling information from your past experience on what you associate with the word doctor.
Look at the passage below

“It is important we do this every day… Sometimes people only do it once on other occasions it may be done twice or even more… A mirror can aid us to see what we are doing…. and once finished you put it away until the process needs to be repeated. If it is not done correctly it can cause problems...

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