How Christians Apply Their Beliefs To Abortion And Euthanasia

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How Christians Apply Their Beliefs to Abortion and Euthanasia

Christians apply many different beliefs about abortion and euthanasia,
although they may have many different points of view, it is
understandable to why they hold certain beliefs and apply them in

Euthanasia and abortion are two very sensitive issues of which there
are strong arguments for and against. Some Christians believe that
these two practices are totally wrong and should never be carried out
while other Christians, for varying reasons believe euthanasia and
abortion are acceptable and even in some cases, the right thing to

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Teresa stated this view when she said “God had created us to love and
be loved, she said, in his own image, as evidence of his love.’ For
this reason I say abortion is the greatest evil. If anyone of you does
not want his own child, do not kill it, give it to me”.

The Church of Scotland’s Board of Social Responsibility has a slightly
more hard line approach to abortion. It said, “Abortion has no moral
justification and represents the unwarranted destruction of human life
that is made in the image of God”. It also stated however, that this
was only “in the great majority of cases”, which means that abortion
could be right under certain circumstances, such as if the child is
severely handicapped. The Protestant Churches are similar to the
teachings belonging to the Church of England and Church of
Scotland-that it is much better to choose against abortion, but
accepts that certain circumstance where it may be the preferred

The Church of England combines strong opposition to abortion, but
recognises there can be an availability to abortion if it is strictly
necessary, which mean that they have limited conditions to when
abortion should be acceptable. They believe that God creates all life
including life in the womb so it must be protected and not killed. The
mother of the unborn child needs all possible understanding and help
to her decision.

The Church believes that the foetus is God given life and is to ‘be
nurtured, supported and protected’. The mother is to be shown
compassion, and her feelings and wishes are to be recognised.

“The Foetus has the right to live and develop as a member of the human
family; abortion, the termination of life by an act of man, is a great
moral evil” Statement by
the General Synod in 1983

There are many groups of people that have points against abortion,
which are points such as: By letting women have abortions, society is
taking the easy way out and it is morally wrong. The unborn child is a
separate human being. People with the most serious handicaps can still
lead a happy life It is never just part of a Mothers body. We should
create a society were no child is unwanted and treated like an
outcast. A foetus has a right not to be killed. A foetus is a
potential human being; one day it could be a person just like us.

Christians for Free Choice believe that women should be fully informed
before they make their choice, and allow God to guide them. They say
that there cannot one set of rules and every case is different.

Society for protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) aims to protect
human existence from the moment of contraception and is also concerned
about the welfare of the mother.

Marie Stopes International aim to ensure that humans have the right to
‘have a...

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