How Corn Came To Be? Essay

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How Corn Came To Be
A long time ago, two boys went hunting with their bows and arrows. They were looking for small animals like squirrels or deer, but they walked for hours without seeing any. They started to get hungry.
Suddenly they saw a blackbird sitting in a tree. They shot the bird with an arrow and then made a fire so they could roast and eat it. They planned to hunt again after they’d eaten. The smell of the roasting meat was delicious and the boys got more and more hungry.
Just as the bird was ready to eat, a woman walked out of the trees towards them. She wore a long, white dress and had flowers in her hair. The boys were startled and a bit frightened of the woman as she walked ...view middle of the document...

They pulled off a couple of the stalks and smelled them. They smelled good. They stripped the outer leaves away and ate some of the pieces of the stalk. They were crunchy and tasted good.
“Let’s take some more of this home and ask somebody what it is” they said, as they gathered more stalks in their arms. Their families didn’t know what it was and nor did anyone in the village. But everyone who tasted it enjoyed it.
Everyone wondered what they should call this delicious present. The boys said, “We shall call it Tanchi.”
And that is how Tanchi, or corn, came to be.

How Butterflies Came To Be

A long time ago, Elder Brother was out walking. The summer rains had finished and everywhere he saw the colours of autumn, brightly coloured flowers and trees and the blue sky.
He heard birds singing. He came to a village where young women were grinding corn and children were playing. They ran around, noisy and happy, and he felt happy too. “The world is beautiful,” he thought, and he sat down to enjoy it.
Suddenly he was sad. “It will be winter soon. The leaves will shrivel and fall and the flowers will fade. The beautiful colours will be gone and it will be cold.”
As he watched the children playing, he decided the summer colours should be kept somehow so that he and everyone else could enjoy them longer. He would make something to hold them.
Elder Brother always had a special bag with him, his creation bag. It was big enough to hold whatever he needed to carry.
He opened it up, looked around and began to collect colours from things: gold from a ray of sunlight, blue from the sky, shiny black from a woman’s hair, white from the cornmeal, green from pine needles, yellow from leaves, and purple, red and orange from flowers.
All the colours went into the bag.
He thought he was finished, but then he heard the birds singing again and he added their songs to the colours in the bag.

Little Red Riding Hood

|   Once upon a time in the middle of a thick forest |
|stood a small cottage, the home of a pretty little |
|girl known to everyone as Little Red Riding Hood. One|
|day, her Mummy waved her goodbye at the garden gate, |
|saying: "Grandma is ill. Take her this basket of |
|cakes, but be very careful. Keep to the path through |
|the wood and don't ever stop. That way, you will come|
|to no harm." |
|  |
|   Little Red Riding Hood kissed her mother and ran |
|off. "Don't worry," she said, "I'll run all the way |
|to Grandma's without stopping." |
|  |
|   Full of good intentions, the little girl made her |
|way through the wood, but she was soon to forget her |
|mother's wise words. "What lovely strawberries! And |
|so red." |
|  |
|   Laying her basket on the...

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