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How Could A Scientist Defend The View That Science Has Failed Mankind In View Of The Large Number Of Problems Created?

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How could a scientist defend the view that science has failed mankind in view of the large number of problems created?
Science has created problems for mankind. Science is a blessing all right, but it is not an unmixed blessing. Science has made life easier and more comfortable. Science has made it possible for us to communicate with each other readily and quickly and it has made travel easy and fast. Machines have enabled man to save hours of manual labour. But science is responsible for the present-day arms race and the threat of nuclear war under which mankind exists today. In view of the threat of total annihilation of mankind posed by nuclear advancement, there is the fear that ...view middle of the document...

at his disposal guns, planes, ships, submarines, missiles, etc. The race for weapons has led him to the discovery of nuclear weaponry. He can even carry on biological and chemical warfare. In the Vietnam War harmful bacteria were used among peasants to spread diseases. Chemicals were used to destroy acres of food crops. This is an instance of how scientific knowledge can be abused.
The monopolisation of knowledge and machines has led to the subjugation of one class by another and of a poorer nation by a richer nation. The mass-produced consumer items have captured the market, thanks to machines. This has resulted in the craftsmen and weavers going out of job.
Multinational corporations from the richer nations sell old and hazardous drugs in the Third World. Some of these corporations are engaged in the manufacture of deadly gas and the leakage of this gas, as it happened in 1984 in Madhyapradesh in India, can kill thousands of people. The activities of some companies are a blatant violation of the very spirit of science which seeks to improve the lot of mankind through its discoveries. The scientist cannot be blamed for this. It is man's greed that is responsible - he wants profit at any cost.
It is true that science has improved man's living standards. But this has been achieved at a great cost to human fellowship. The old community feeling has been lost. In the past there was co-operation among people; today co-operation has given way to competition. The culture of material acquisition and possession has grown to such an extent that the worth of man is measured in terms of wealth and possessions, and not in terms of character, intelligence and achievement. As Paulo Friere, the Latin American educationist, says: "To be is...

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