How Dewey Solve The Problem Of Facts And Values

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The distinction between human and animal in terms of memory would be tradition. Human are social where animals are not and the features of their tradition are justice, freedom, friendship, and piety. Human mind actively follow these traditional feature where the animal don’t and that makes the distinction between the human and animal minds. Although both human and animal have memory with the ability of gather experiences and store them for feature, however only human remember significant knowledge of experiences, which are the legends and traditions. These would come into a gradual problem with increasing knowledge of matter of facts, as life goes along from traditional values. There is also ...view middle of the document...

However he can’t just use science as a tool without changing it, so he tries to adopt science to think about the new ways of traditional values and facts. His plan is to solve the problem of philosophy with the adaptation of science a new way of thinking.

In chapter two Dewey gives example about philosopher Fancis Bacon, who mentioned that knowledge is power and this power works to discover new knowledge and new idea of thinking rather than a fixed proof which we already know. Bacon was against the hierarchical society with the superior and inferior individuals where superiors are refer to ruler and inferiors to the workers. So if a society is based on a class the values will be on top with the ruler and the facts will be on the bottom with the workers. However, this referring was an old way of thinking about philosophy, and it made the world lowest. Dewey brings the topic about Bacon to show the old way of philosophical thinking. On chapter three is mostly about the resume of science and show the fact that why science would be the best tools to solve the problem of philosophy. Science is a new way of thinking which always make try to find the answer with an live experiment, and the experiment doesn’t relies on a fixed definition. So, science is always discovers something surprising and which can change the view of old definition about something. Due to this fact Dewey thinks this could be the best tool to change the conception of philosophy and reconstruct it with a new view.

Furthermore to solve the problem with the adaptation of science an action is requires. The action is how we think about different kinds of things? Human mind think about something with reason and experience. In chapter four Dewey starts with the contrast of traditional philosophy, which separates the new view of reason and experiences. Now, in scientific method experiments always done through the environment. The reasoning works with the senses in our mind. So, in the adaptation of science through the environment and changing the tool, the biologists said that sense is passive which always get the idea...

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