How Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt Reinstall People's Faith In The American Government To Pull People Out Of The Depression?

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President Roosevelt did many things to restore people's hopes back. He took various actions upon the depression, and started something called Fireside chats to communicate with his people. The man was a great politician and had great charisma therefore by making speeches through the radio, using his soothing voice and convincing powers calmed the people and convinced them of the government soon taking them out of the depression.Roosevelt was the first American President to make effective the use of radio to take his messages across the people. Shortly after his election he made a series of broadcasts, ...view middle of the document...

Thus Roosevelt came up with and Emergency Banking Act. He decided to make a national holiday so banks could be closed, and not 'out of business' making people preoccupied. He then use his powers to check on all the bank's financial records and books to then decide if they were financially sound and could continue on their business.However for millions of Americans life was not a matter of when thry can get their savings back into the bank. It was more about when their next meal was going to be. One of his first measures was to create the FERA which provided 500 million US dollars to the states all over the country to aid the poor. To pay for this, he cut the salaries on government employees. Also since he abolished prohibition he was also able to use the substantial tax income which came from the drink trade. He also created the alphabet agencies to combat the depression in every aspect, be it economically, agriculturally or geographically.To conclude, in my opinion he is one of the best presidents the US has ever had, if not the best. Graduated from a prestigious school and Harvard University, Roosevelt with his political skills and charisma managed to take America out of the depression, thing that other presidents couldn't have accomplished (Herbert Hoover for example). He and his two new deals achieved putting the whole USA in all its aspects 'back on track'.

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