How Do Cultural Differences Affect Breast Cancer Prevalence, Prevention, And Treatment In African American, Hispanic/Latina, And Caucasian Women Livin

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How do cultural differences affect breast cancer prevalence, prevention, and treatment in African-American, Hispanic/Latina, and Caucasian women living in the United States?
Over the past decade breast cancer has become one of the most predominant diseases in the United States. Breast cancer starts out as a malignant tumor in the tissues of the breast which is formed from the uncontrolled growth of abnormal breast cells. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, but it can also appear in men. (Stephan, 2010)
At this point in time, scientists and doctors have yet to discover the specific causes for breast cancer. However, what is known are the different risk factors that may ...view middle of the document...

Cancers can be detected at stages I, II, or IIA (Haas et al., 2008).
Depending on the time of diagnosis and the particular stage at which the cancer is present in the body, treatment options range from a mastectomy, chemotherapy, or surgery (Haas, 2008). A mastectomy is the surgical removal of the breast, it is an approach often taken to halt the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy is an alternative to a treating the cancer. Chemotherapy for breast cancer is a systemic treatment, which affects most of the cells in your body. Most often chemotherapy is classified as the therapeutic use of chemicals to treat or control a particular disease. Potent drugs are used to kill or hinder the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells by interrupting their DNA, protein production, preventing cell division, starving them of their nutrients or blocking hormone receptors (Stephan, 2010).
Beyond discussion of this lethal disease come the individuals affected by it. In the United States alone breast cancer is the most common cancer. It is diagnosed in one out of eight women living in the United States (Stephan, 2010). Victims of breast cancer usually are more widespread amongst minorities in the U.S. African-American women and Hispanic women are most likely to have advanced diseases at the time of diagnosis than Caucasian women. Although more white women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer mortality rates for African-American women and Hispanic are higher. (Poor women with breast cancer do worse, 2003, para. 4.) The question rises: Why? What is the reason that minority groups have the highest mortality rates due to breast cancer? Throughout the essay factors that explain an answer to this question will be proposed.

(Problem Statement)
Breast cancer is relevant to any women living in the United States and it is the leading cause of death in the country for women. However, there seems to be a discrepancy in the rates of mortality of minority groups in the United Sates; however it is no discrepancy but reality. This is a very important issue that is hard to address to the African-American and Hispanic communities but something that needs to be dealt with. It is discrepant that women pertaining to a certain age group are victims of malignant disease such like breast cancer and soon become statistics due to the cultural barriers and health disparities that affect these ethnicities. Health disparities are factors that influence the quality of health and care. These are usually more present across racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and socioeconomic groups.
People are entitled to care about this growing issue. Individuals living throughout the Central Valley in particular, an area filled with health disparities and rural communities...

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