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How Do Lee Harper And Mildred D Taylor Use Writing Techniques To Create Tension?

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How do Lee Harper and Mildred D Taylor use writing techniques to create tension?

Lee Harper, the author of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and Mildred D. Taylor, the author of 'Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry' both create a lot of tension in both of their writing in those books. I have been analysing some extracts from each of the books, they both use various techniques to create tension, some of them being the same but not all.

I am going to start by writing about Harper's writing in To Kill A Mockingbird, the main technique of his that I noticed in his writing is his use of the senses, mostly the hearing sense and the seeing sense. He uses a lot of describing words of a setting, an atmosphere ...view middle of the document...

The lines flow together, like a poem, and as you read it you can almost hear the 'insane fingers picking the wire to pieces' or 'every scratch of foot on the gravel' once again he uses senses to draw the reader in. This also portrays a clear picture of what you think Boo Radley is like, which is what I think the author tries to do throughout the story. Harper builds up Boo Radleys' character with not just talking about the actual character, but talking about the scene he might be in, and scenario's you expect the character to be in. By linking him in with an eery atmosphere, you automatically imagine a slightly in the dark, eery character.
The writing technique that Harper used that I found most interesting, yet effective was how he writes what the narrator is thinking, in this case it's what Scout is thinking. 'But why in the hold hill did you wait till tonight? - because nobody could see them a night, because Atticus would be so deep in a bok he wouldn't hear the Kingdom coming... 'did I understand?' - page 57. I felt that this way of writing really connected you with the character, Scout, it made you ask questions that she was asking and whilst she is figuring out what Jem and Dill are trying to do, you find yourself trying to figure it out as well. I think that builds up suspense as well because you as the reader you really want to know what is going to happen, and what the boys are going to do, Harper has a way of writing what she is thinking, where as you're reading it in your head you can almost hear her voice, and sense worry and nerves in the way that you expect her to be saying it. With this, you feel the same way. I found this really enjoyable to read. These were the three main aspects of Harper's techniques of creating tension, that I prefered. Of course these were not the only ways, he used the ovbious tension making technique of using a lot of dark, creepy adjectives or sense of question, wondering, the main ways of creating suspense whilst writing, these are of course, always successful. But I found the other three ways, not so common and much more interesting.

Mildred D Taylor's writing of 'Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry' contains a lot of suspension and a lot of tension. Especially in the extract that I was studying for this essay, this was chapter 11 of the book. Within the first few lines of reading I was completely drawn into the story – 'The door swung open and T.J slipped inside. I pulled my door closed and followed him. “I-im in trouble, Stacey”' immediately as I read that line my mind and thoughts were completely in the book. Not only is it what he said 'Im in trouble' it is the way that he has 'slipped' inside the door. This automatically created an image in my mind of a boy, creeping into the room trying not to be heard or trying not to make a scene and my mind suddenly burst into many questions asking myself what he has done, why he's in trouble. And I am sure it wasn't just me who felt this way then they were...

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