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How Do The Text You Have Studied Attempt To Engage Their Audience Using Narrative Structure

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I have studied three different texts, UP (Pete Docter, 2009) Touching The Void (Kevin McDonald 2003) and The Departed (Martin Scorsese 2006). Each of these texts are distinct in the way that they engage their audience, however they do in part, use very similar macro features.

UP was in some ways a very typical Pixar film in its narrative, with the use of incredibly joyous moments, combined with very sad lows, inevitably ending with a happily ever after type conclusion. In this film the character of Ellie is used very unconventionally, as although she lives out her life and dies, through the use of a montage early on in the film, her significance is felt throughout the film, and the inspiration for the entire quest. This is shown most significantly in the scene where Russel finds the bird Kevin, and an ...view middle of the document...

The house itself has been left in paradise falls, and Carl fulfilles the father role of Russell, a role that he could have never fulfilled in his life with Ellie, this mirroring is an often used feature of the narrative that clearly shows the characters progression. In proppian terms Ellie is the dispatcher, as it is her death that causes them to begin the adventure, however believe she also fulfils the role of the helper, as at numerous times the house, which is used as a physical representation of her after death throughout the film, saves Carl and Russels lives, most significantly when they are being chased by Dogs soon after meeting Charles Muntz, the house is used to lift them over a large canyon saving their lives. Carl is clearly the protagonist as throughout the film it is shown from his perspective and it is Carls goal that sets the story into motion. I also believe that Doug fulfils the role of the Mentor, the most important mentoring as Doug is symbolic for Carl to see Russell with 'new' eyes. For just as Doug is loyal, trustworthy, and dogged in his pursuit of that which is good, so is Russell. Indeed, the identification and as far as Carl is concerned between Doug and Russell is such that they share an exact same beat: the scenes that show this, are the two that mirror each other when The house rises into the air, Carl settles into a chair, then a knock at the door. First time, it's Russell; later, it's Doug.

Touching The Void uses a very different type of narrative as it is a documentary, there is no suspension of disbelief necessary, it is also clear that the characters are fine at the end of the story, this means that the build up within the film must be much more dramatic and different techniques need to be used to engage the audience. Most prominently is that this is quite a specialised area, and a large majority of the audience will no doubt have heard of the story, or be interested in climbing.

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