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How Does Golding Explore The Boys’ Steady Degeneration Into Savagery And Violence

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How does Golding explore the boys’ steady degeneration into savagery and violence?

Golding explores the boys’ steady decline from a fairly just society to one with few rules and little respect for any individual, in many ways because it is a key feature and underlying meaning or parable of this book. It is to show how society is never stable even when it feels that does at its most, this is because of the views and actions of others, and this is explored by Golding in many ways. This comes about because of the different views between the boys and their different opinions not just because one of them believes for example that they should do something but because of the influence that one ...view middle of the document...

This shows that the choir is theoretically signifying the emergence of a darker presence, an evil, a threat to the community, a regime that is too strict to be followed directly by most of the boys because it has never been experienced by them before and so found difficult to follow. It is almost showing the arrival of an evil such as the arrival of the Nazi Regime in Germany, which left many people unable to follow due to the over-severity of it law and beliefs. This is reflected in the choir, with Jack at the head, a dictator feature – as shown by the way that it is Jack that speaks first, he is at the head of the marching boys and it is he that they all call by his surname “Merridew” as a show of respect and power – in comparison to his counter-part Ralph the more democratic leader, instantly establishing a conflicting system of power craving with extremist views and struggles. Ultimately leading to the decay of their society into savagery and violence.

In another passage, the one about Roger throwing stones at Henry along with Roger and Maurice’s destruction of a few of the littluns sandcastles – on pages 62-65, shows instantly the desire for power and the ability to take power the older boys have over the smaller, younger ones. This is an example of how Golding presents the boys decline, because it is showing how the older boys are striking both fear into the littluns and also a dominance of power. This is shown by Maurice and Roger as they walked straight through what the smaller children were doing, destroying most of it, “Roger led the way straight through the castles, kicking them over, burying the flowers, scattering the chosen stones. Maurice followed, laughing, and added to the destruction.” Giving the image of these two older boys just breaking up the younger ones fun and giving them a reason to dislike them, as they were craving power. This came after the two boys had just been relieved from the duty of looking after the fire, giving them an even greater sense of responsibility and power adding to their unjust destruction of the youngers fun. They felt filled with power and so decided to take it out on or rather exploit their power on the younger more vulnerable children in the group adding to the confusion of the littluns of whether these older boys were their friends or their enemy as...

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