How Does Shakespeare Make The Balcony Scene (Act 2, Scene 2) Such A Powerful And Dramatic Scene In Romeo And Juliet?

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How does Shakespeare make the balcony scene (Act 2, Scene 2) such a powerful and dramatic scene in Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare creates such a powerful and dramatic balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet by using powerful language that will give the audience a deep impression in this scene. The plot of this scene fits into the play as a whole, because the scene is all about Romeo and Juliet confessing their love to each other. The play fits into the tragedy genre because fate had decided that Romeo and Juliet fall in love with each other even though their families hate each other. Because it is set in the Elizabethan times in Verona and so the society is still a male dominated time and there are also arranged marriages, this is one of the main obstacles for Romeo and Juliet. Religion also played an important role in ...view middle of the document...

The quote ‘it is the east, and Juliet is the sun, Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,’ .This shows that the danger he is in is nothing as long as Juliet is there.
This scene gives the audience such a deep impression, is because the way the two characters, Romeo and Juliet, acted towards each other. During the Elizabethan times it is not normal to arrange marriage without the presence of their parents. For Romeo and Juliet it is probably one of their big obstacles because they have to take an extra step forward to be together, but this tells us how much they love each other because they would take any risks to be with each other. We can see how much Juliet means to Romeo because he describes her as ‘sun’ and the sun provides warmth and life to earth, so he is basically saying that Juliet is the most important thing in his life and that without her he would never live. As for Juliet, she can become very independence; she disobeys her parents for Romeo, when her parents had arranged her marriage with Paris and she proposes to him during their meeting ‘Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow,’
The different language William Shakespeare uses also helps him create a powerful and dramatic scene. When Juliet says to Romeo ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’, the audience can immediately appreciate what Juliet mean as that moment is very passionate for both of them. Another technique he uses is metaphor, at the beginning of act two, scene two; Romeo described Juliet as if she is the sun ‘Juliet is the sun’ and an angel ‘O speak again, bright angel’. The sun gives warmth and life whereas an angel, because he thinks that she is kind and beautiful just like angels do.
Shakespeare make the balcony scene (act two, scene two) such a powerful and dramatic scene in Romeo and Juliet by using the different language devices that gives the audience a very deep impression especially when Juliet and Romeo confess their love to each other.

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