How Does Shakespeare Present Friar Lawrence In Romeo And Juliet?

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In this essay I will be discussing how Friar Lawrence is presented by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. The sections of the play that I will look at are his conversations with Romeo in Act Three Scene Three and Act Two Scene Three and his conversation with Juliet in Act Four Scene One. I have chosen these scenes because there is a contrast between Friar Lawrence’s motives and attitude. In Act Three Scene Three, Romeo and Friar Lawrence are seen to be in conflict for the first time but in Act Two Scene Three he is shown as a fatherly figure towards Romeo as Romeo is asking him for advice. I have also chosen Act Four Scene One because Friar Lawrence is shown to have a different and less holy ...view middle of the document...

’ (line 26) This shows that Friar Lawrence is becoming angry with Romeo and disagrees with his views on banishment. Friar Lawrence is trying to help Romeo by keeping him hidden in his cell but Romeo is ungrateful for everything that has been done for him just so he can see Juliet for a bit longer. Therefore, Friar Lawrence is implying that Romeo’s love is getting in the way of reality and he should realise everything that has been done for him instead of being selfish.
In contrast to the scene mentioned above, in Act Two Scene Three, Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence for advice about love. Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to ‘marry us today’ (line 64) meaning he wants to marry Juliet but this takes Friar Lawrence by surprise as it was ‘Rosaline that thou didst love so dear’ (line 66) for a long period of time but suddenly Romeo wants to marry another woman. This shows Friar Lawrence’s concern for Romeo that he might be moving too fast with a new relationship so soon. After thinking everything through, Friar Lawrence agrees to marry the couple as ‘this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancour to pure love’ (line 91-92) This shows that Friar Lawrence wants to make peace between the families and believes that if two people from different households marry, this will happen. Friar Lawrence is trying to help and do the right thing for Romeo as well as Verona, which demonstrate how caring he is.
In Act Four Scene One however, we see Friar Lawrence presented in a very different way. Juliet...

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