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How Does Shakespeare Present The Theme Of Love In His Play 'much Ado About Nothing

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How does Shakespeare present the theme of love through the pairs of lovers in Much Ado About Nothing?

In the play Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare presents his views of love in quite a few different, and sometimes very contrasting ways.He uses well thought out and life like characters to explore his views on love and marriage, and especially uses Hero and Claudio to show the problems of love and relationships in those times.These views of love are presented using dramatic dialogue, and many different language techniques- including the use of imagery and comic context-all of which make a very intriguing and funny play.
In the play, there are two main pairs of lovers; Benedick ...view middle of the document...

But, when the prince and the others trick them into believing that the other has fallen in love with them, they suddenly have completely different feelings about each other, as Beatrice then has a long monologue about her newfound feelings, and exclaims ' If thou dost love, my kindness shall incite thee to bind our loves up in a holy band' .She has now completely changed her mind and has decided that she wants now to marry Benedick, when she has always made a point throughout the play of voicing her discontempt for marriage, love and Benedick. Her love is fickle; it wasn't there and now suddenly she is claiming to be passionately in love- enough to want to marry- and changed her mind about benedick.
Benedick is an example of love being able to change people. He goes from being a bachelor, rude and cocky, to trying to be romantic, and attempted at writing Beatrice a poem, and then deciding he wanted to marry her. At the beginning of the play, Benedick makes clear to Claudio he strongly disagrees with him marrying Hero, and slanders marriage, telling Claudio and Don Pedro 'And the fine is, for the which i may go the finer,I will live a bachelor'. He is determined to never marry, and be single for life. His love for Beatrice changes this, and he decides that marriage is a good thing that he really does want, even if it means he will be ridiculed for slandering marriage and then being wed to Beatrice. When Don Pedro is teasing him about being married, he tells him that he is very happy and doesn't care what people say about him marrying. He then proceeds to say 'Since i do purpose to marry, i will think nothing to any purpose that the world can say against it, and therefore never flout at me for what i have said against it'. He is telling Don Pedro that he doesn't care what he said before, he thinks marriage is good and doesn't want to hear anyone saying it isn't, and if someone does tell him marriage is no good, he will pay absolutely no attention to them. Love has changed his perspective on marriage, and he now has a lot more respect towards women.
Love brings Claudio mixed emotions; one of which being happiness. When Leonato gives his permission for him and Hero to be married, he is extremely happy and doesn't know what to say- 'Silence is the perfectest herald of joy' He is so happy he simply cannot express himself. Hero makes him very happy and he believes to be in love with her when they first meet. Throughout the first 3 scenes of the play, he describes Hero in many ways that show he adores her; he describes her as a jewel to Benedick in the first scene of the play, after returning from battle. When he has permission to marry her, he completly gives himself to her- 'I give myself away for you, and I dote upon the exchange'. He is doting-very fond- of her, and the idea of...

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