How Drinking Affects Driving (This Is A Final Copy And A Typed Outline)

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OUTLINE:Effects if Alcohol on Drivers PerformsThe use of alcohol has been a major problem in our societyA serious problem of alcohol is that of drunk driversFacts About AlcoholAlcohol is a common name for chemical substances ethanol, grain alcohol or ethyl alcoholNot digested but absorbed into the bloodstreamAlcohol is a major factor in nearly 41% of traffic accidents where some one is killedNearly 60% of all Fatalities during holidays are alcohol relatedFor drivers of all ages in fatal crashes one out of four is intoxicatedHalf of those killed in alcohol related collisions had not been drinkingMental Affects of Alcohol When DrivingAfter one drink first goes to area in brain that controls ...view middle of the document...

All states now have it that you must be older than 21 to drink, and laws are stricter against drunk drivers. Still alcohol is the number one cause of car crashes and is a top safety problem. Here are some facts about alcohol. A common name for chemical substances ethanol, grain alcohol, or ethyl alcohol is alcohol. This drug is not digested but absorbed into the blood stream. It is the main factor for 41% of all traffic accidents where someone is killed. Of those that are killed half had not been drinking. For drivers of all ages that are in fatal crashes one out of four is intoxicated. During the holidays 60% of death during holidays are alcohol are alcohol related. This data is the shocking truth. Those that drive need to know the importance of not drinking Alcohol affects the human body as soon as it enters the body. After going to the blood stream alcohol is sent to the brain. Here it affects the area of the brain that controls judgment and reasoning the most. First alcohol will cause you to lose concentration and inhibitions making the person to be more impulsive. After that is reduces coordination resulting in trouble driving and...

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