How Environment Plays A Role In Learning

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How Environment Plays a Role in Learning

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This paper examines the quantitative effects that the learning environment has on the success and or failure of today’s student. The two basic factors that make up and comprise the learning environment are addressed, with elaboration given on how they negatively or constructively assist the modern student in his or her academic progression. A number of important facets key to a successful learning environment are addressed that are critical in ensuring that the learner is comfortable and undergos the most optimum learning experience available. ...view middle of the document...

Anything less will only be a distraction to the student and could possibly hamper their creativity.
Dr. Fraser goes on to maintain that, there are two main factors to the learning environment. The physical component and the psycho social component. Fraser goes on to state, that the physical component includes all physical facets such as teaching materials, classrooms and learning facilities, inside and also outside of the classroom structure. While the psychosocial component is associated with the interaction between students and students, students and teachers and students and their environment (as cited in Amirul et al., 2013, para. 2). Together these two components work hand in hand determining the learning environment and influencing the learning process that takes place in it. The physical component by itself however plays an enormous role when it comes to stimulating the student and influencing their desire to learn.
When one says or refers to the physical learning environment the first thing that typically comes to mind is the classroom, and rightfully so. It’s evident the bulk of a student’s time is spent in the classroom environment. According to Dr. R.G Barker, studies that have been conducted show that the physical aspects of the learning environment can effect psychological and social behavior (as cited in Amirul et al., 2013, para. 11). There are numerous factors and elements that go into constructing and maintaining a suitable learning environment fit for nurturing the student and promoting the best possible learning experience. A couple of things that undeniably can have an effect on the learning environment are the lighting, temperature and acoustics of the classroom. Earthman (2004) contends that the temperature, heating and air quality are the most important individual elements for student achievement. Poor air quality, temperature control and ventilation can lead to health concerns in certain regions and positively hinder scholastic development. Prolonged external noise as well can make effective learning problematic. Repeated noise exposure impedes cognitive functioning, with a number of studies finding noise related reading issues, deficiencies in pre-reading skills, and more overall cognitive deficits. (Higgins, Hall, Wall, Wollner and McCaughey, 2004, pg. 18). Other aspects of the physical environment that categorically affects the classroom dynamic is the space allotted for the student and teacher to interact, the positioning, condition, and quality of the classroom furniture and lastly the overall cleanliness of the setting. There is no doubt that successful or unsuccessful student achievement is substantially affected by the quality of the physical environment.
In this 21st century, technology is more now than ever shaping and changing the modern learning environment and has an undeniable influence on today’s academic experience. With the popularity of digital mobile devices, laptops and portable tablets the...

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