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How Far Did The Rebellions Of 1549 Present A Serious Threat To The Government? Use The Sources And Your Own Knowledge To Explain Your Answer

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How far did the rebellions of 1549 present a serious threat to the government? Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain your answer.

The Kett's Rebellion and the Western Rebellion, both of which occurred in 1549 with a variety of other rebellions occurring across the country, both had posed a fairly significant role in threatening on the government. Both of the rebellions however, were located far away from London. The proximity of the rebellion from London I believe by far was the most influencing factor in the threat level from the government in both rebellions. However, we must take into account other factors that contributed to the level of threat from the 1549 rebellions ...view middle of the document...

But due to this however, the Duke of Somerset acted on inadequate information and he had relatively limited resources at his disposal as it was hard to get troops from London and move them to put down the Western Rebellion. However, Kett's Rebellion was at a much closer distance than Kett's rebellion, so in theory posing much more of a threat due to the proximity to London. The government in the local area acted on much more resources, having a small army of 1800 men to put the rebellion down. Source Z was written by “M L Bush, The government protector Somerset”. The word protector suggests the author defends the actions of the Duke of Somerset which could suggest that Bush might be arguing in Somerset's favour, suggesting there could be some bias. Both of the rebellions required a lot of resources to put down, with significant amounts of resources.

Next, the size and popularity of the rebellion was very important in determining the threat that both of the rebellions had on the government. The larger the size of the rebellion, in general, the higher the threat level towards the government and the harder it was to put down. For example, in Source AA, this is clear from the words, “The foreign mercenaries….were being deployed against the English rebels”. From this I can infer that, for foreign mercenaries to be diverted from a war with Scotland must have been the rebellions needed a lot of resources to put them down, which suggests the both the Kett's and Western rebellions must have had been very large rebellions and very threatening towards the government. The Kett's Rebellion had over 15000 rebels at the height of rebellion in June 1549, suggesting that the threat was extremely high while the Western Rebellion was much smaller with only a few thousand rebels. Despite this, there was over 3000 executions in the Western Rebellion alone, also suggesting the threat posed to the government was high as well due to the fact both the Kett’s Rebellion and Western Rebellion refused a negotiation. In the Kett’s Rebellion, William Parr, Marquis of Northampton offered a full pardon to anybody who dispersed but the rebels refused. This refusal to negotiate with the government and the size of the rebellions means there must have...

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