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How Far Is It Accurate To Describe Black Americans As 2nd Class Citizens In The Years 1945 55?

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Ultimately, these years witnessed some progress throughout the years 1945-55, making it accurate to describe Blacks as 2nd class citizens. Socially, things were unchanged although, the political aspect improved drastically, along with slight economical improvements.
President Truman was very active when improving the status of the blacks. In 1947, his liberal dominated rights committee produced the report - ‘to secure these rights’. This report showed the ignored horrific reality of lynching and segregation towards the Blacks that was accompanied by many recommendations, consisting of police training. Truman appointed Blacks into important positions; such as, the first Black Judge William ...view middle of the document...

The NAACP, however, gained some important victories; in 1946, the Supreme Court passed the case Morgan vs Virginia. It meant that segregation on interstate buses was illegal after Irene Morgan’s constitutional rights were violated as she was fined $100 for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. Despite the case being passed, it was being ignored and 16 members of CORE participated in the journey of reconciliation – April 1947. This eventually proved pointless as it failed to force Southern states to desegregate and 12 CORE members were arrested. Furthermore, as young Linda Brown wasn’t provided with adequate education in her nearby school, the case Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka marked an end to the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine’. Pressures from a changing nation and cold war ideology led to this decision.
The Brown case was a symbol of the end of segregation for a lot of African Americans with more activity amongst the NAACP and CORE. Alternatively, the verdict was met with white supremacy councils being set up across the south to demand that schools remained segregated, which they were. Due to a vague statement explaining that desegregation should take place within all schools ‘with all deliberate speed’, the new law struggled to assert itself. The fact that the laws were being directly ignored continued to...

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