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How Fear And Brutality Are Major Parts In The Book: Battle For Rondo

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English Essay:How are fear and brutality major parts in the book: Battle for Rondo?The book: Battle for Rondo has two major theme parts that make the book really interesting to read. The themes of fear and brutality play a big part in all of the Rondo series because there is always something happening that needs careful planning and thinking or else it will be the end of the magical realm for Rondo. During the book, Leo, the main character along with his younger cousin Mimi, are put on the spot to make hard decisions that will either help Rondo through the Dark Times or plunge it into darkness allowing the Blue Queen to seize control of Rondo and turn everyone into her slaves.Fear starts to ...view middle of the document...

The quote: "The new spell; Leo managed to say. 'It frees her power from the Castle Centre- lets her move with it, in smoke…'. Slowly starts to bring back the theme of fear because Leo is now informed that the Blue Queen's magic is no longer bound to the Castle's Centre. Since the Blue Queen's magic is no longer bound, she is even able to use her magic outside of her palace, but she must take it around in the form of mist. Brutality helps the reader understand what the characters in the book have to go through based on the choices they make and how they go about them. The reader can also relate to a specific character and are usually able to get a better understand what that character had so to or has to go through in order for the group to move on through their adventure.Fear and brutality are valid themes in all the Rondo books because most of the events that happen inside these books usually revolve around either or both themes. Towards the end of the book, there is a part, which says: " The cage began rocking slightly. Leo's throat closed as he realized what this meant. The queen's magic was coiling beneath it, preparing to lift it from the ground. Leo...

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