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How Has Australia's Relation With Asian Nations Changed?

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Australia's relations have changed over the past half century. From The White Australia Policy and the Immigration Restriction act. Some changes include the multiculturalism, changing links with Indonesia, china, and Asia in general.After the WWII Australia's relations with Asia changed rapidly. During the war Japan swept through South-East Asia. The British were defeated in Malaya, Borneo, Singapore and Burma. The French fell in Indochina, the Dutch fell the in the East Indies, and the Americans lost power over the Philippines. This was a tremendous blow the western colonial powers. The Japanese success at the start of World War II encouraged Asian nationalism. There were nationalist movements in British India led by Gandhi, in the Ditch East ...view middle of the document...

Then end of the Vietnam war in 1972 marked the start of a new relationship between Australia and Asia. The white Australia policy that had discriminated against Asian people since 1901 was abolished and Australia began to accept Asian migrants and political refugees. Australian governments from 1972 recognised that Australia was a vital part of the Asian region , that there were enormous trade opportunities and that the links to Britain were declining. Australia forged new relationships with old foes such as China and with the new Asian states, which were modernising and developing their economies.Australia's relationship with Indonesia started changed after WWII. In the late 1950's the Australian government gave considerable support to the Indonesians as they struggled to achieve their independence from the Dutch. Since the Labor party supported the concept of decolonisation, Australia believed Indonesia should become and independent nation. The Ditch, who had controlled the Indonesian islands for 300 years were reluctant to leave. In 1949 WITH AUSTRALIAN SUPPORT the independent nation of Indonesia came into being when the Dutch gave up their control. Australia's relationship with Indonesia during these years was difficult, particularly after 1963 when Indonesia launched their confrontation policy, which was basically to destroy the newly created neighbouring state of Malaysia. Australia supported Malaysia and Indonesian - Australian relations fell to the point where the Australian Embassy in Jakarta was burnt. In 1965 the army seized power in Indonesia and a year later Sukarno was replaced by Prsident Suharto. During The Suharto years, from 1966 to 1998 there was an improvement in relations between Indonesia and Australia.

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