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How Has Blake Depicted The Tiger In This Poem?

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How has Blake depicted the tiger in this poem?

At the very start of the poem it is clear in what way Blake wishes to
portray the tiger. The first words he uses -"Tiger! Tiger!" is an
aggressive start to the poem thus implying that Blake is trying to put
the tiger across as an aggressive animal.

The next two words, "Burning bright" give the image of power and awe.
This added to the next two lines,- "What immortal hand or eye, could
frame thy fearful symmetry?" with words like 'fearful' and 'immortal'
reinforces the tiger's image of power and strength and its God-like
qualities of immortality and omnipotence.

The next stanza gives the tiger an almost mythical status, with the
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b) Explore the ways Blake uses imagery and repetition in this poem.

The most obvious repetition in this poem is the "Tiger! Tiger!"
repetition. This, as I mentioned before, gives the poem an aggressive
start and almost sets the scene for the rest of the poem, having the
readers anticipate an almost violent and powerful poem.

This line appears in the first stanza and in the final stanza where it
is repeated, save for one word. In the final stanza the lines "What
immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry" Are replaced
by the line "Dare frame thy fearful symmetry." This gives the idea of
the poet, after finishing his poem and receiving a revised personal
image of the tiger. From considering the tiger to be a difficult
creation to create to being a very dangerous thing to create.

Another repetition is the repetition of the word 'dare'. The word, on
its own, gives the impression of bravery, or stupidity, on the part of
the creator. This could well be because the beast which has been
created is so dangerous that it takes extreme courage to create such
an awe-inspiring beast.

Yet another repetition is the word 'dread'. This has a similar effect
to the word 'dare' conjuring images of fear and awe. It implies that
one must be scared of the tiger and it's properties. It implies that
mankind should fear the coming of this mystical beast the tiger and
sheds a whole new light on any previous conceptions of the tiger.

c) With reference to one or two other poems from this selection, write
about the ways in which Blake explores nature.

The obvious choice to discuss in this section of the...

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