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How Has Daily Life Changed Since 1800

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The world has experienced many changes in past generations; this paper will briefly outline different stages in life between 1500 and 1800 according to Blainey (2002) and will conclude with my reflection on how life has changed since 1800.
According to Blainey” life in 1800 was spent by most families scavenging and hunting for food, living off grains in the form of damper, cereal, and soup” ( 2000, p 410).Gathering food including bird eggs and wild berries would be how daily life revolved (Blainey 2000, p 410). Families had very little assets, with a peasant perhaps lucky enough to own a cow and a small portion of land. (Blainey 2000, p 410).
Until approximately 1200 years ago all humans ...view middle of the document...

Individuals passed their possessions on to descendants, wealth and power began to grow making some individuals more dominant (Henslin, 2011, p 138).
The plough was invented the use of animals to pull the plough was very efficient (Macionis 2012, p 112). Ploughing aerated the soil making it more fertile and productive (Macionis 2012, p 112). Increased productivity allowed for more specialist trades (Macionis 2012, p 112). Tasks such as securing the food and clearing land became occupations (Macionis 2012, p 112). The invention of money had made bartering obsolete having an economic effect on city centres increasing the population (Macionis 2012, p 112).This society became known as the Agricultural society (Henslin 2011, p 139).
Women’s roles were affected during this period as the men took control of ploughing, metal work and the livestock (Henslin 2011, p 139). The women were given all the subsidiary tasks of carrying the water to the fields and weeding (Henslin 2011, p 139).The role of the male species was now more dominant (Henslin 2011, p 139).
By 1800 the amount of people owning small portions of land had grown by Millions, many Europeans had moved into the hills in France and Tuscany, they had built themselves simple homes (Blainey 2000, p 418).
Large areas of land were set aside for natural fibres to grow including flax and hemp this was to play a large part in this era allowing linen sheets, clothing and ship sails to be produced (Blainey 2000, p 418). Land was required to feed the sheep for the supply of wool and other livestock for leather (Blainey 2000, p 418).
Importation of Cotton calico from India and wool from Australia and New Zealand to Britain helped develop Europe’s population, freeing up more land for the cultivation of food (Blainey 2000, p420). Clothes were made at home handed down or even inherited from the deceased (Blainey 2000, p 420).
Homes were simple throughout Asia, Africa and Europe and often referred to as slums (Blainey 2000, p 422).Mattresses were made of straw, houses were cold and it was common for a family to sleep together on a homemade mattress (Blainey 2000, p 422).
The Industrial revolution began when the steam engine was used to power machinery allowing goods to now be produced by machines (Henslin 2011, p 140). The first users of the steam engine became wealthy and began dictating workers conditions (Henslin 2011, p 140).People became homeless as they were thrown off land with little choice but to move to the cities to find work (Henslin 2011, p...

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