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How Has The Technology Revolutionzed Design Essay

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How Has The Technology Revolutionized Design ?!ID number : 2010692013Section : 20Teacher: Mr. Christopher Gordonword count : 962Semester twoOutlineTopic: How Has The Technology Revolutionized Design?IntroductionHook: definition of designBackground information: the separation of design from fine art.Body paragraph 1Topic sentence: The purpose of creating a new technology.Supporting details: make design easy, keep up with the new age of technology and appearance it and use it in new design.Body paragraph 2Topic sentence: the sectors of design.Supporting details: design divided into four sectors which are graphic design, digital design, interior design and architecture.The programs for each ...view middle of the document...

Designers found that the use of modern designs and technology reduces the paper printing cost. This helped in developing the scope of design and growing designers access to a wider audience than ever.The main purpose of creating a new technology for designing is to make it easier and keep up with the new age of technology and appearance in a good way. That makes design sweeping across our daily lives for easy to create. It's also used in administration, advertising, education, entertainment, journalism and on the web.With the advent of design revolution and with the development of technology and the progress of sciences and knowledge, it developed the way for artists in drawing by computers through some programs with helping tools. Designing by these programs will create wonderful work and probably will take less time than designing by hand. So designing by computers is quick and practical with a very nice result.There are several types of computer designs which are, Graphic Design which is derived from the world "graph" which means (a chart), but the word (Graphic) means (Graphic, decree, prints). Graphic Design includes all the visual things in the life in one to deliver particular message of this design. Also as a visual art which performs a specific function through all the covers, logos, paper, adverts, books and magazines, all the work of graphic design.Examples of graphic design programs:Adobe Photoshop is a program that is the basis of each design.Adobe InDesign is a program designed to organize the fonts and texts, and always can be seen in newspapers and magazines.Adobe Illustrator is a program to design logos and forms of products, such as designing of bottles.Other types of computer designs are Digital Design or Multimedia Design that is everything related with the production of multimedia (audio, image, movement). This is represented in the study of dimensions, angles, measurements of the screen and methods of taking pictures. Also working on various basic movie characters, in a simple way and how to write the translation of a movie on whether real or cartoon films which are called scripts. Also working on how to create and design paper and television advertisements. We can see that the output of the digital design stays inside the computer, that means the work will stay in the computer from the beginning and until it is finished.Examples of digital design programs:Adobe Aftereffect, it is used to control the moving of shapes; it is also used for modifying and editing.Adobe premiere, by these programs we can editing and organizing videos also we can cut parts from the videos.Adobe dream wave, this is used to design websites and web pages.3d...

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