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How Human Resource Influences Organizational Effectiveness

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How Human Resource Influences Organizational Effectiveness
Constant shifts in the global systems affect the nature of business in any nation. As such, the organizational effectiveness has to change with every new idea that brings about globalization. There are many changes in technology and knowledge in the global market, which leads to an increase in off-shoring. This causes most of the organizations to evaluate their strategies and policies with a keener eye. Many of the organizations learn how to operate in the new and the local market in which thy have been in operation for some time. Many organizations change the tactics they use to achieve ...view middle of the document...

Challenges and Opportunities of the Human Resource Management (HRM)
Managing people is not very easy. It is important to acknowledge that every human being has their set of characteristics and thinking patterns that they bring into the organization. People have attitudes and ideologies about working patterns that they think should work in any environment they work. The HR department must invest in time to create business driven individuals. The people must adhere to the rules and regulations that the organization has set in place. This ensures that all the employees are working towards a common goal. The human resource department has to invest in the time and resources needed to help the workforce interpret the learned concepts into realistic objectives. This means that the personnel in the organization has to change their process of thinking to ensure that they all work towards achieving realistic organizational goals (Saha 103).
The employees should know that the senior management has a part to play in meeting the goals within the organization. However, this does not mean that the employees do not have roles to play in the organization. In as much as the leadership team commits to seeking out talent and technology to improve the program within the organization, the employees must be tem players in ensuring that the organization they work with has the best reputation in the marketplace. This means that the organization’s personnel will experience ease as they work. Saha (104) points out that many employees want to find out what their effort will bring them within the company. The writer argues that the fact that the workplace becomes a better place to place ones efforts, it is worth the effort they place in seeking out important technology for the organization. As such, the human resource policy and practices must work and aim towards involving the employees in all the changes they intend to make.
It is rather alarming how many organizations place the junior employees out of the context when they discuss the important organizational structures. Involving the employees will not only enhance the credibility of a new idea, but also the acceptance of the idea. For instance, when the human resource department involves their employees in designing the workplace policies and practices, the employees are more likely to adapt the new changes. This compared to the human resource designing rules and imposing them on their employees is much more effective in bringing about the changes the organization desires to see in their employees. Often, employees will develop negative feelings towards their employers and workplaces because of tight deadlines.
The human resource has to find a way to ensure that the employees do not dictate the systems in the workplace, yet perform their duties as the system requires. For instance, when the teams at the work place have to work on a project, it is important that the team leaders set a deadline. However,...

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