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How I Became Literate Essay

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Ms. Hunter
111 26A
June 24, 2010

My Literary Experience
Literacy to me always meant simply reading, and writing. Now that I think about it, I’ve become literate in many other ways besides the two. Those many other things include speaking, comprehending, and distinguishing between homonyms. I think most people think about reading and writing when they hear the word “literate” because those are mainly associated with the term. To my amazement, the horizon of literacy can be expanded rather far. My neighborhood, school, and music helped me become the very literate person I am today.

“It isn’t chunky it’s chucky!” I remember hearing my uncle say that to me when I would beg my mom ...view middle of the document...

When I finished reading I gave her a look of confusion and I said “I don’t know what comfortable is.” And after that she showed me how to read the sentences prior and after to get an idea of what the word means. This strategy that I am now very good at is called using context clues.

Every since I was able to even babble, I’ve loved music. Until this day i can sit in a room for hours and listen to music. When I was younger if a song came on that I liked I would sing along. But being so little, there were still words I didn’t know so when a part of the song came on that I had not learned, I would have to be quiet and my cousin would tease me about it. There’s this show called the Fresh Prince of Bel-air . I absolutely loved it. The theme song that played when it came on was my favorite. In the song they mentioned a “throne”. Now I was unfamiliar with this word so I thought that he was saying something else and I had simply made that up. I decided to keep saying “throne” when I sang along just because that’s what it sounded like he said. Right or wrong, I still was going to say it. After I got in about the 2nd grade I learned the word throne and do you know what the first thing I thought about was? Exactly! I said to myself “so he did say throne after all! Now I understand what he meant.”

Homonyms. Well learning about homonyms wasn’t hard at all. It was actually very interesting and cool to me. Once again, I don’t like for anyone to think I’m uneducated or not so smart so I am very precise about using the right words when I am writing. My favorites are to, two,...

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