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Surrounded by white walls, a bed, and a locked door, this is another birthday just like the rest. Today is my 64th birthday and the only contact with the world I had today was with the nurse that gave me my breakfast and medicine. I've called the Tinley Mental hospital home for the last seven years. They let me out and then I forget to take my medicine and I'm right back where I started. Although I'm not married, I have three children, Tree Seven Galmore, Theodora Bass Galmore, and Ally-Victoria Galmore, in which all three warned me that if I don't take my ...view middle of the document...

I eat all the right food, exercised frequently and did household chores. Yet I was so normal, I was very different at the same time. I still associate with that people I graduated high school with. I went on to go to college for studying to become a plastic surgeon but was later stopped by my illness.My schizophrenia illness allows me to hear voices and to see people when no one is talking or in the room with me. I've had jobs where my illness was too much and I had to quiet. I did modeling in my late 30's and my illness became so bad that I would hear voices when no one was speaking. I would looked around and move quite frequently to the point where the photographer gotten so frustrated that he fired me on the spot. Since I was little I've been doing modeling, I'm really good at it and I enjoy it. Even if my parents were alive to see me today on my birthday, I would rather them not see me. I feel very ashamed to be in a metal hospital, where you are automatically brand a Crazy person, or a nut. My dad had very high blood pressure and later died for not treating it properly. My mother was very active and took vitamins everyday, she died of natural causes when I was 50. I'm hoping to improve on my condition; I want to reduce my condition from severe to medium. I guess I have to wait until next year to see...

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