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How I Spend My Summer Essay

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Tell me something about your background | Ok, I’m a promising student of English Department: straight-A, former university volunteer, self-employed, did many kinds of works (selling micro headphones, interpreter, writing diplomas,+ tutor, teacher). Last year I’be gone through kind of spiritual awakening and understood what values really matter for me. So I take up for human rights protecting activities and realized that for doing it seriously and sustainably I need more experience. Simply speaking I need to be cooler in all aspects. bulinding connection and then use them for benefiting the society. the level of happiness doesn’t depend on the level of income. |
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For me it’s important that I won’t be bored by the work as I appreciate the fact that I will often move to other cities during the program. I like the idea of rotation and ability to get cross-functional experience. I like that I will have a couch and a personal plan of development. And most of all I like that I’ll be able to do a great job and benefit company and society by the fact that after the MT program I’ll be first-rate specialist with profound competence. |
Why is marketing? | I am fond of creating shared value. I mean creating situations from which both sides can benefit. I think we should deeply understand what people need and promote our product. We solve their problem, they solve our problem. I like that being a marketer you constantly need to develop you product and find new creative ideas to promote it. You cannot stick on the same place; you have to always move forward for your product to be sold. A constant challenge that you have to accept creatively and responsible. I think is’s awesome to create the product that is something more than a product, ideology, values it comprises.Having contacts with lots of interesting people, creating connections stable, travelling, always moving and developing |
Main brands, competing products | PHILLIP MORRIS, JTI * China National Tobacco Company: The largest cigarette company in the world, China National Tobacco Company is owned and managed by the Chinese government, and sells 1.5 trillion cigarettes annually, all in China. * Philip Morris International (PM): Philip Morris is best known for its Marlboro brand and is the best selling cigarette brand in the world. * Japan Tobacco International (JAPAF): This company owns and manages three of the top five intentional cigarette brands, Winston, Camel, and Mild Seven, as well as other cigarette brands and tobacco products.[13] * Altria Group (MO): Altria sells brands such as Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal and Black & Mild, through its four operating companies, Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, and John Middleton. In addition to cigarettes and tobacco products, Altria sells premium wines through Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and has a 25.8% ownership stake in SABMiller.[14] * Imperial Tobacco Group (IMT-LN): The company has sales in over 160 countries and a portfolio of brands, led by Davidoff.[15] |
Tell me about your achievements | I’m a normal man |
LEADERSHIP: | UN model, Application to Prosecution Office, Teaching (?), Obshaga, English Club, Potanin’s Scholarship, Philarmonic, Work as an Interpreter, DonorUn Model – is a conference for students based on the actual UN. It’s divide into 3 parts: Human Rights Council and other ComiteesI found a problem, when students are considered to be childs by administration, you were unable to get in or get out in the night time. I was really annoyed by that and tried to investigate solution. I consulted friends of mine and found that it was absolutely illegal. Petition....

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