How Important Was Mandela In Ending Apartheid

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Why Mandela was an Important Person to end Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela was a major figure at the time of apartheid and after many years, he finally ended it. There were major segregations between the black and white people at the time. The government saw that white people were the dominant race and that and the government made the rule of apartheid.

In source 1, we see that Mandela comments on the Sharpeville Massacre and on his methods. This source is reliable because it was a primary source and it was directly from Mandela himself. “Wild beast cannot be fought of by bare hands alone.” Mandela emphasises that the white community was savages who had no restraint when it comes to equal ...view middle of the document...

These trials offered him a political platform in which he could state his opinions. Mandela and his companions knew they were going to be executed so Mandela decided to fight to the end in his for 4 hour-long speech. Mandela stated everything he wanted from society “one man one vote “. “But if it would be it is ideal for which I am prepared to die”. Mandela and his colleagues will be charged with treason a crime that was worthy of execution. Mandela’s final lines show that she is willing and prepared to become a master of the cause of black right to end apartheid is words made sure he would not be forgotten in prison.

Mandela was most certainly not forgotten in prison he was seen as an international icon for black right to the end of Apartheid. On Mandela’s 70th birthday a massive concert was held in this honour student union buildings were named after him and states in Europe named after him and his wife. Nelson Mandela was getting lots of press about his imprisonment. Many people from the international community felt it was wrong for Nelson Mandela to be locked up. Free Nelson Mandela campaign was started up all around the world this again shows is important in the wider community the topic of Nelson Mandela was also not inside South Africa there were lots of internal pressure and lots of clashes between the black community is in the townships and white security forces. PW Botha needed to get in control of the situation otherwise it could spend into your Civil War the masses wanted Mandela to be freed so that’s what Botha did. He offered Mandela freedom under one condition that it would control the violence and come down the people but if Mandela would have gone with Botha it would have meant that she would have wasted 20 years of his life and been broken by the government is reply came through his daughter is first public address in 20 years “your freedom and my Freedom cannot be separated”. People were worried Mandela had been broken in prison but the truth shows them that they were wrong in...

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