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How Information Technology Has Improved Business Transactions

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Nowadays, the advancement of technology is more evident. Most people depend on

technology for their everyday life. Just imagine how the ancient sending messages using

domesticated pigeons in the 11th

would not want to use the modern technology if it speeds up everything?

The internet has then proved that technology had changed the culture of the people. It

had effects on the fields of education, communication, and even business. The computer and

internet are one of the greatest inventions of the 19th

the computers in the U.S. military but now it has conquered the whole world. Starting from

the academic research up to the global communication, internet is a very ...view middle of the document...

There are some who uses this medium to express whatever one cannot express in the real


During the last decade, social networking sites have progressed from simple interaction

locations to veritable providers of change; galvanizing many people over governmental

discussion, creating and changing sectors, and all in all, changing individuals' lives. Just a few

years ago, many individuals ignored Facebook as a place for kids to rant and post pictures.

Today, more than 600 million users globally participate in Facebook. Roughly 200 million

individuals have Twitter accounts. While these numbers may be simple numbers for many

individuals, the effect of online community goes far and deep.

With the internet, lesser students are also able to appreciate the beauty of libraries.

Before, students rush to the libraries to research for their assignments and projects. They search

for the actual book for the information they need. Also, students usually carry heavy books to

their school. These practices were changed to a more modern method. Today, the students are

given an option not to buy and carry heavy books. All information needed for every course or

subject is available in the internet. Students do not also need to dedicate extra time for browsing

and searching references in the library because it is done in the internet in just a second. Some

libraries changed their index card catalogs to online search page for the students to have a

convenient way of searching references. Also, some universities are now offering online degree

programs through the use of internet. Because of this working students and those with physical

incapability can earn a degree even at home.

Even the complicated world of politics, internet becomes a useful tool. It is utilized not

only during elections but also to extend services to the people, and for the people to voice out

their viewpoints. Overall, it is an effective instrument in connecting billions of people within the

country and across the globe. It is not surprising that politicians nowadays are utilizing internet

in their elections campaigns. This is because internet is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest medium

to inform people on their candidacy. And with the increasing number of people using this

technology, there is a big chance that these candidates can earn enough votes to win the election.

In democratic countries like the United States and the Philippines, election candidates have their

own websites where they post their platforms, programs, and latest campaign happenings. If not,

these candidates have their social media sites which are less costly than putting up a website.

Long ago, election candidates needs to travel every corner of their zone to reach voters, but now,

with just one click, candidates’ message to the public can be easily delivered without spending

millions of money.

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