How Is Danger Portrayed In The Extracts I Have Chosen In The Lady In The Lake And The Woman In White?

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How is danger portrayed in the extracts I have chosen in the Lady in the Lake and the Woman in White?
In the extracts I have chosen for Wilkie Collins’ sensational fiction novel “The Woman in White” and Raymond Chandler’s detective novel “The lady in the Lake”, the theme that is predominant is danger. Wilkie Collins uses a range of linguistic techniques in the extract that I have chosen to reveal the danger behind the secret that Pesca discloses to the main protagonist of the novel Walter Hartright. On the other hand Raymond Chandler portrays the theme of danger in the extract that I have chosen through the way that Detective Marlowe unfolds the puzzle of the novel by revealing to other ...view middle of the document...

The use of this noun portrays danger to Walter because it signifies that Pesca is about to reveal something that is of a serious matter to Walter, highlighting danger through suspense as Walter doesn’t know what Pesca is about to disclose with him.
Furthermore Raymond Chandler conveys danger in the extract that I have chosen through the utilisation of the “femme fatale” theme that was so popular in the 1940’s when Chandler published the Lady in the Lake. This “femme fatale” persona is evident through Muriel Chess’ character. This is evident through Marlowe’s use of the short sentence, “Bill Chess was arrested for his wife’s murder”. The use of the this short sentence conveys danger through Muriel Chess’ femme fatale persona, as femme fatale characters are depicted as leading men into danger which is evident through the way Muriel gets her husband Bill Chess arrested for a crime he did not commit. On the other hand Wilkie Collins conveys danger in the extract in the extract I have chosen through the use of the adjective” cautiously” when describing the way Pesca looked out into passage to make sure no one was present before he disclosed his secret with Walter. The use of the adjective cautiously portrays Pesca’s careful behaviour and also depicts danger because it highlights that what Pesca is about to share with Walter is confidential depicting the theme of danger.
Raymond Chandler presents danger in the extract I have chosen through the way Philip Marlowe describes Muriel as “having killed before she married Bill Chess”. Philip Marlowe’s revelation of Muriel having killed before she met Bill Chess conveys danger because it suggests that she isn’t afraid to commit murder as she has done it in the past. Furthermore Muriel Chess’ danger is depicted through the way she makes other characters in the novel cover up for her. This also highlights her femme fatale persona as femme fatale character is described as having an influence or power on other character’s decisions. Muriel power is evident through the way she influences Dr Almore to cover up for her after she has killed his wife. This coveys Muriel Chess as a dangerous character as it shows she has the power to influence the...

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