How John Keats Makes The Poem "To Autumn" Memorable

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John Keats uses tactile , auditory and visual imagery including a varied range of hues and colours to engage the senses of the reader. The aesthetic qualities , combined with the presence of personification and allegory make this poem memorable. He also uses augmentative and terminative phases to express the concurrent growth and death in the season of autumn. It is a lyrical evocation of autumn , with both of the phases blended together as one. The poem is divided into three stanzas , with each stanza having a certian identity and independence of its own . It creates more impact because it makes people think and question their acceptance of concurrent life and death that occurs frequently in the ...view middle of the document...

The flowers are getting too abundant for the bees , as "summer has o'erbrimmed their clammy cells." There seems to be an undending supply of flowers because the bees "think warm days will never cease." The ripening is at an overwhelming intensity and poses an uderlying danger of overflowing honey , and too many fruits that may cause people to believe there will always be a plentiful supple. In fact, this augmentative phase is at its maximum. This setting is memorable as it contains a plethora of visual imagery , and a variety of colour to the poem.Stanza two is a contrast against the first stanza as it is almost static and monochromatic. The reader can share this moment in time , or rather , the absence of time and this makes it more memorable.By creating a void of time , keats gives the reader time to reflect on the stanza. Autumn is now personified as a harvester who has not much to do . He uses words conveying sluggish connotatons , such as "asleep" , "drowsed" , "gleaner" and "laden." . By transporting the reader to the scene , he creates a memorable image.In the last stanza , the burgeoning process of growth coalesces with the nostalgia for what is passing away. In the same way , the augmentative and terminative phase finally come together as one. Keats understands that can be no life without death as they are inseparable and part of each other. Tactile details are interwoven with auditory details as you can feel the winds and stubble-plains and at the same time hear the small gnats mourn and hedge crickets sing.The poem is memorable because it not only contains the usual visual imagery , but it is also rich in the auditory and tactile aspects of the poem.

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