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How Managers Become Leaders Essay

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Article Structure
The foundation of the article “How Managers Become Leaders: The Seven Seismic Shifts of Perspective and Responsibility” is that the transition from manager to executive requires “learning new skills and cultivating new mindsets” (Watkins, 2012). To support this, the author interviewed more than 40 executives, ranging from managers, senior human resource professionals, and individuals who recently transitioned to senior leader positions for the first time. The information gathered from these sources assisted Watkins in molding the Seven Seismic Shifts: Specialist to Generalist; Analyst to Integrator; Tactician to Strategist; Bricklayer to Architect; Problem Solver to Agenda Setter; Warrior to Diplomat; and, Supporting Cast Member to Lead Role. In conclusion, the author asserts that the shifts amount to switching from analytical ...view middle of the document...

The author does not share the questions asked of the interviewees or the scale used to make final determinations and analysis. However, the author’s framework of seven shifts represents the idea that executives or leaders have to take on a more strategic and big picture role in their organizations.
Access Article Evidence
The author is a single provider for the information provided in the article. The author’s qualifications lead you to determine that he is an expert in the field of executive and leadership transition. The information collected and analyzed by Watkins is a primary source and can be considered fact. Limiting the scope of interviewees and not providing the questions or raw data captured, questions the reliability and assumptions made by the author. I believe the conclusions the author makes are sound and embody what you would expect to see in an article like this one.
Analyze the Article’s Logic
The author used causation as the reasoning to come to his conclusion. “What I found is that to make the transition successfully, executives must navigate a tricky set of changes in their leadership focus and skills” (Watkins, 2012). This statement supports the conclusion that leaders must shift their mind-set and these navigations are easier with preparation and training. The author was able to show, through the story of Harold, the cause that seven shifts can make in effective executive leadership.
Evaluate the Argument of the Article
The argument in this article is strong and accurate. The author’s use of storytelling and data collection from interviewees supported his argument. Watkins was able to support his conclusion in a clear manner. Although the absence of the specific questions asked and matrix caused me to pause, I support his argument that in order to successfully transition from an effective manager to executive one needs to shift a series of mind-sets.
Watkins, M. (2012). How Managers Become Leaders. Harvard Business Review, June 2012, 65-72.

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