How Managers Can Effectively Implement Changes Within An Organisation?

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The awareness of managing changes within an organisation has been aroused recent years. A good change implementation includes a process of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the compositions of the environment, internal and external; to ensure that the process changes are implemented according to approved plans and the overall objectives of introducing the changes are achieved with as little disruption as possible.
In this essay, British traditional brand Burberry and well-known bargain clothing retailer Primark are the objectives. The triggers of their changes, means they used to change, how their employees reacted, and suggestions about how can the managers implement ...view middle of the document...

g. Bangladesh, people there had to work under an unhygienic condition with the pay which could hardly cover the cost of living. Meanwhile, they sub-contract the work to factories, e.g. TNS factory which did not protect the workers benefits well. TNS Knitwear employed illegal workers who need to work for more than 12 hours per day for £3.5 for an hour, which is far below the minimum wages. (BBC NEWS, 2009)
Moreover, Primark turned to employ more part-time workers instead of full-time workers, because employing full-time workers means Primark has to pay for their pension scheme, insurance, higher salaries generally. But after Primark made these changes, their employees did not support it very much. Not only because one of these changes was illegal but also the permanent workers feared losing jobs or being forced to change to part-time job but also the part-time workers, they faced the problems of arranging work shift as sometimes there is some time lag nobody wanted to choose.
Among these two, Primark was not effectively managing the changes obviously, since at least Burberry knew to fulfil the psychological contract, which the employees would expect the company to demonstrate an understanding and considerate attitude towards them. Both of them could have implemented the changes more effectively if they made a better use of the empathy. Empathy is the ability to “walk in someone else’s moccasins. and read other people by sharing and identifying their emotional states. ” Psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of The New Science of Human Relationships (1996).
Having salaries cut or being shifted to other work places is not a pleasant change, therefore, in order to implement the changes effectively, the companies ought to show the employees that there is a necessity of change. For example, Burberry should inform their employees that foreseeable future of the company, like facing huge cost, and the main market has been changed, so moving the factory can help save transportation costs, etc to get their understanding and compromise. Otherwise, it will badly affect the morale among employees as well as Burberry's brand image because so far Burberry is still making huge profit every year.
The problem of Primark's change was that Primark only did the change (sub-contracting) but no follow-up work. In the end, BBC revealed that the sub-contractor treated the employees badly. Implementing changes is not simply make a change, companies have to evaluate and control the process. Primark should have a concrete plan for how to measure whether or not the change is a success -- and follow-up or contingency plans for both successful and unsuccessful results. Primark's action of changing suppliers obviously could not obtain a successful result, and so it finally announced that they would supervise their suppliers more frequently and obey the code of ethic tightly. If Primark have sent supervisors and asked employees for feedback to make sure that the employees...

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