How My Theory Has Changed Essay

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v. ___ a two or three page paper describing how the Associate Supervisor’s
thinking has evolved in relation to the approved supervisory theories.
Attach the original preface of those papers

In this paper I will briefly present several enhancements to my supervisory theory as it has evolved over the last several years. Learning continues to be fun for me! I will share what I’ve been learning related to my theory of supervision through my experience and study.
Process theology continues to be the anchor for my theological understanding. The events in my religious denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, surrounding the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy in ...view middle of the document...

The ego is the result of particular culture and time, reflecting the belief and structures of family and society. Its concern is survival and maintenance of life style. Resistance can be the ego fighting for life!
What’s helped me work with the working with ego in supervision is recognizing more of the function of will (in psychosynthesis). ‘Will work’ in CPE is done with boundaries. Boundaries are necessary in learning. I build a calendar, curriculum, and bring expectations to students to provide those boundaries. I also bring my experience and beliefs about the functioning of a long term care chaplain. Holding these expectations provide an important learning resource for students. When I work with student’s reactions, their resistance to expectation, their defenses triggered by expectation, their abilities to meet or not meet expectation, their decisions, their health and well being and how all of this interacts with the boundaries I set up, I am working with the Will. Their learning goals, their curiosity, and their energy become resources in raising their consciousness about the work of the will.
I have found it important to define how I use confrontation with students. Compassionate confrontation has its roots in the Burmese monk’s approach to confronting societal ills and the spirit of the approach is found in the “Metta Sutta”: “May you be free from all danger. May your anger cease. May your heart and mind enjoy peace and serenity.” A shadow dimension to my personality is believing that I am always right, at its deepest roots it is fear of being wrong. The Metta Sutta helps to keep my focus on the student. It’s not about me.
Confrontation is defined as “to bring face to face, to cause to meet, a clashing of ideas.” In the context of CPE supervision, I believe in confrontation that occurs with compassion in order to achieve a higher understanding with mutually beneficial results. Compassionate confrontation requires compassionate listening. I supervise and teach with compassionate confrontation for two primary reasons. I find it an effective way of staying connected with a student (high awareness of triggering shame) and it is a way of teaching students how to work with conflict and differences in their ministry.
Confrontation is honest. Confrontation creates opportunities for change. In the process I am as clear as I can be about expectations, I am transparent about my own humanity, and I confront students with a loving and compassionate intent. Specifically, I offer choice about whether or not we will explore a particular issue and I then I listen with respect and compassion.
My theory of supervision has also evolved with current neuro-science research. Two aspects of that research have been instructive in my supervision with students.
First of all, as human beings our brains are wired to look for patterns. Through our evolution we have found comfort in patterns. Historically, change has meant that there...

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