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How Normal Has Changed Since September 11

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     The terrorist attacks on September 11th affected more than the lives of those in the targeted cities. Nearly every American has felt the rippling effect in both subtle and obvious ways. Everything from what people are eating to the toys that are in demand has been altered because people's perceptions have changed. Though this country has always been considered a patriotic nation, its true colors had not shown in recent history until this tragedy. Now it is apparent that its colors are red, white, and blue. Despite the many negative aspects of the terrorist attacks, some of the changes that have happened in America have been for the better. How ironic for our enemies it would be if ...view middle of the document...

Since all change, whether positive or negative, is stress, many families are having a difficult time adjusting. However, after the kinks are ironed out, most family members are enjoying the time together. Cathy Hansell, a mother who has not had to do traveling for her job recently, comments that it was "one of the best things that has ever happened." Her husband is also at home more, traveling 50% less for his work, and in result, their family is experiencing much less stress than before (Guzman and Higgins 8). The terrorist attacks instilled a fear of traveling in Americans, but brought families back together in many ways. During these frightening times, parents have been much more likely to speak to their kids and be a comfort to them. Where there is communication, bonding can begin.


Fear has also influenced people in unexpected ways. As one example, fantasy book series that deal with frightening topics such as Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events (by Lemony Snicket) have been on the rise in recent months. They already had great momentum before September 11th, but many people believe that they have become more important to children since the attacks. Snicket (who's real name is Daniel Handler) suggests that children are turning to his books because traditional books say that "everything will turn out all right if you behave. But as a young child, you see your own bad deeds go unpunished and your own good deeds go unrewarded." He goes on to say that his books help kids deal with events when they do not turn out fairly (Boodman). If children turn to their parents and to books when then are troubled, instead of the television or other harmful sources, it is a vast improvement.


The fear that Americans may be experiencing is not without its comforts. Many citizens have looked to the president in these unsure times, and have rallied in support behind him. When he came into office last year, half the country did not want him, and many thought that he had claimed the presidency illegitimately. However, much of this seems to be behind President Bush now, as his rating soared to around 90 percent-the highest every recorded for a president as long as records have been kept ("Priorities"). "Americans think he's a winner and they are surprised by it," stated William Taylor, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies ("Priorities"). There also seems to be a rise in support and trust in the government, especially for people such as Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Laura Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney. However, doubts have been cast (perhaps rightly so) on the FBI for not anticipating the terrorist attacks and the INS for not doing sufficient background checks on the terrorists. An overall increase in confidence about the government aids it in running more smoothly than before.


People are not only finding comfort in our government, but also in food. Oreo sales have leapt almost eighteen...

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