How Not To Be A Victim Of Cyberbullying

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How not to be a victim of Cyberbullying
Bullying is a persistent willful act by an individual or a group to intimidate or hurt a weaker-than-bully victim. Cyber bullying in the social media is a very dangerous problem, especially because the major users of social networks are youngsters and adolescents who themselves are the top targets of conventional bullying. Bullying of any form causes deep scars in the psyche of the victim and at times may be even fatal. It is important to understand the causes, consequences of bullying which this report addresses.

Introduction to the problem

Bullying is generally an aggressive act intentionally designed to cause hurt, bodily/mental, ...view middle of the document...

Retrieved 24 August 2015, from
Menesini, E., & Spiel, C. (2012). Introduction: Cyberbullying: Development, consequences, risk and protective factors. European Journal Of Developmental Psychology, 9(2), 163-167. doi:10.1080/17405629.2011.652833]

The bullying comes from the human nature of ‘gang-mentality’, leadership tendencies and overly protective behavior when in a psychologically perceived group (Billow, 2013). Interestingly, as with the physical form of bullying cyber bullying also shows some of the core characteristics such as tendency towards perceived weaker section of the society such as women, minorities, children and adolescents. Even more striking is the fact that some of the prior victims may turn to future bullies, much more readily than physical bullying, probably because the digital environment provides a perfect mass to cover up the identity of the perpetrator (Aboujaoude, Savage, Starcevic & Salame, 2015).
[( ‘‘Each of us lives with gangs in the mind and we feel protected and wronged, and use them to persecute others. I appropriate H. Rosenfeld’s (1971) phrase because it conveys the idea that a bullying group exists in the mind: “a powerful gang dominated by a leader, who controls all the members of the gang to see that they support one another. ... It has a defensive purpose to keep itself in power and so maintain the status quo” (p. 249).”)
Billow, R. (2013). The Bully Inside Us: The Gang in the Mind. Psychoanalytic Inquiry, 33(2), 130-143. doi:10.1080/07351690.2013.764704]

During the latter half of the last decade social networks has become increasingly common to the point that they are one of the most common places to find youngsters. Online forums, chat-rooms, status messages, online invitations all have entered the dictionary of a majority of youth World-over (Donegan, 2015). Similarly, the cyberbullies also entered in to the social networks in a never seen before ways. The difficulty in legally defining cyberbullying and discerning it from innocent mischief and to add to that, the possibility to assume anonymous mask to specifically target a victim, has made the social networks also breeding grounds for cyber bullies.
[“the advent of the Internet, chat rooms soon followed. Online forums provided a communal breeding ground for youth to assault one another (Subrahmanyam & Greenfield, 2008). Chat rooms were supplemented by AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), an online communication program that allowed teens to spend hours talking to one another in private, one-on-one conversations or in public chat rooms”:- (Donegan, 2015)
Donegan, R. (2015). Bullying and Cyberbullying: History, Statistics, Law, Prevention and AnalysisBullying and Cyberbullying: History, Statistics, Law, Prevention and Analysis. The Elon Journal Of Undergraduate Research In Communications, 3(1), 33-42.]

Studies have repeatedly shown that cyberbullying affects the psychological health of...

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