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How Quiting Band Helped Me Become A Better Musician

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How Raising my Voice Helped me Become a Better Musician
“Now you do realize what you will lose if you go through with this, Correct?”, said (TEACHERS NAME), head band director of my school, . (TEACHERS NAME) had just received word that, I, his 1st part Trumpet player would not be a part of the band program next year. He, among others, didn't see it coming; I was a passionate, dedicated player heavily involved in the program, and probably in the top 10 of Stone's “least likely to quit” list. But sure enough, I had made up my mind much earlier in the year that I would replace band with another elective. Why, might you ask? My lifetime focus, you see, is to make major ...view middle of the document...

A lot of times, when I look back in retrospect, band seems like a waste of time, but then I look at the wonders it did for me in the next chapter of my musical life and I realize that band provided a foundation that set me up for a successful transition into a class that would be accelerating me towards my goals.
That next chapter would be Choir. Call me a traitor, but yes, I replaced band with Choir. TEACHERS NAME, the head choir director, offered me a spot in Mixed Varsity, and also a unique chance to act as a piano accompanist when needed. The idea of being able to exercise my piano skills in the school setting was delightful.
At this point I had decided that my goal of bettering the music world could only be achieved by creating impacting quality music of my own. My chosen weapon: The Piano. I also figured, “Hey, if I can play well, and sing well, no longer will I have to have a singer acting as a medium for my lyricism.” So it was obvious where I needed to be.
I found that the exchange of band for choir was a difficult, but useful decision. The countless friendships I had made with a plethora of good quality musicians would all have to be severed, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to take. Entering choir with the foundation that band had laid gave me an advantage over the other students. The Choir program, you see, was much more relaxed than the band setting. In band I was afraid to ask to use the restroom in class, while in choir I was afraid that we would never get anything done because of the lack of respect and focus from other students. But nevertheless, I caught on...

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