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How Reading Has Impacted My Knowledge

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The concept of ‘reading’ is to learn, to impact knowledge, to grow, to experience, to empathize, to understand, to marvel, to wonder, to laugh, to live other lives in other places and times and to deepen a connection with place.
Reading that impacts knowledge, encompasses a broad spectrum of activities such as reading, watching, and playing. I value all kinds of reading experiences which provide enjoyment, knowledge, understanding, and relaxation. Be it a book, a movie, a game, or a piece of music – reading reaches out to the world for me.
Reading is an experience and a warehouse of knowledge. When i read, i get a number of knowledge and information that is being developed or have ...view middle of the document...

I learn things that help me in my daily life and I experience joy, sorrow and relaxation when I read. Reading has been of immense importance to me
Reading for me is a mixture of lots of fun, sadness, and trauma, confusion, fast, slow, episodic as well as continually collaborative, participatory, exclusive and inclusive. Reading an adventure story for young adults written by a well-renowned author or reading for young children filled with pictures and sounds is just as valued as reading a university thesis or as valued as watching television news broadcast series featuring the antics and explorations of a mystery-solving sleuth or a galaxy-travelling adventurer. Reading a biography is just as valued as playing a game exploring the period of the Crusades.
Reading a book in a digital format on my computer, tablet, or phone, is just as valued as holding that paper-bound version in my hands and inhaling the sweet smell of print and glue. Reading the book is just as valued as watching the movies. Also, reading the graphic novel or comic on which it is based is just as valued as Playing the game, and vice-versa.
Since I knew how to read, my...

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