How Romeo Is Responsible For His And Juliet's Own Deaths

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Ray Castaneda2nd hrRomeo and JulietThe tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, tells the story of two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who meet and fall in love, and through a series of bad decisions and chance occurrences, end up dead in the course of a week. But who, if any one person, was responsible for all this? One could point fingers at many, but the most would point to Romeo. Well, why Romeo? By reading his actions and thoughts in the story a wealth of good arguments can be debated. Romeo is impulsive, a bad decision maker, and has a very unstable mind and personality. All of these qualities aid in dooming his short relationship with Juliet to the tomb.First, Romeo's impulsiveness causes him to seek out Juliet at the feast he has attended, although not invited. He seeks her out and without thought kisses her, something he should not have done. His impulsiveness causes ...view middle of the document...

His first notable bad decision was going to the Capulet's feast, which he did even after a dream premonition of disaster. Then after the feast, he decides to hide from his friends and go to Juliet's garden, an obvious peril. Agreeing to marry Juliet was perhaps the worst bad decision he made, sealing his fate with a kiss.Third, Romeo has an unbelievably unstable mind and personality. He lets his emotions get the best of him. He goes from the highest he's ever been to then straight to the lowest. He cannot keep one thing in his sights for very long. At the beginning of the story he is in love with Rosalyn, and he is very depressed. That same day he finds somebody new, and is captivated and taken to a heightened state of joy. He finds Juliet, who will be his last object of affection. They marry, and Romeo is absolutely ecstatic, until that si, he is taken over by anger caused by Tybalt's slaying of Mercutio, Romeo's best friend. That anger becomes sorrow, one that never leaves him for the remainder of the story.Fourth, Romeo seems to be right when he utters the words "I am fortunes fool!" (Act, scene), or chances' plaything. He seems to be surrounded by bad luck. Although fueled by his negative qualities and bad decisions, chance combined with the equally bad decisions of other characters, seems to play a major role in the destruction of Romeo and Juliet. For instance, Romeo was recognized by Tybalt, who is a key figure in making the story a tragedy. This angers Tybalt and causes him to become a nuisance to Romeo, and eventually costing both their lives. This can be seen as a stroke of bad luck. Then, Romeo, in trying to stop a "fight" between Mercutio and Tybalt, accidentally causes Mercutio to be wounded and die. Also, what can be perhaps the worst case of bad luck is the way Friar John is kept from delivering the message from Friar Lawrence to Romeo. Had any of these things been avoided, perhaps they would have all lived. In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet's deaths were largely Romeo's own fault. His personality, his mind, his actions and lack of control for all of these things ended what could have been a happy ending.

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