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How September 11 Changed The Aviation Industry

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How September 11 Changed The Aviation Industry


Charles Cooks

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Extended Campus
Nellis Resident Center
May 2005


This paper assesses the impact of the September 11th terrorist attacks and its after-e®ects
on U.S. airline demand. Using monthly time-series data from 1986-2003, we ¯nd that September
11th resulted in both a negative transitory shock of over 30% and an ongoing negative demand
shock amounting to roughly 7.4% of pre-September 11th demand. This ongoing demand shock
has yet to dissipate (as of November 2003) and cannot be explained by economic, seasonal, or
other factors

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Computer security experts have a lot of expertise that can be applied to the real world. First and foremost, we have well-developed senses of what security looks like. We can tell the difference between real security and snake oil. Their were a lot of new airport security rules, put in place after September 11, All the warning signs are there: new and improven security measures are real.. The ban on the terrorists used small knives and box cutters, nail clippers, nail files, cigarette lighters, scissors tweezers are small when you think of it, but it,s countermeasures like that protect against ways people can subdue the pilot and crew. We have to parked cars 300 feet from airport gates. And some curbside check-in have been taking away. The rule limiting concourse access to ticketed passengers came to pass. Increased inspections of luggage, airplanes, and airports were put in place to make the passengers feel that it is safe to fly.

The work on safety and security of society is based upon the principles of liability, decentralisation and conformity. Together these principles are the foundation for establishing efficient crisis prevention and crisis management. he principle of liability states corresponding responsibility either when dealing with a normal situation or an extraordinary situation. This principle applies to all public and private activities. In addition each citizen is responsible for his or her own safety. Responsibility for the functions of normal, everyday activities, will presumably improve the ability to handle critical situations. Each is responsible for emergency planning within its own sector. The Ministry of Justice and the police has been given a more distinct responsibility for coordinating the administration of work on safety, security and emergency planning within the civil sector. .The principle of decentralisation states that the responsibility for crisis management should be handled at the lowest possible level. The principle of conformity states that society must be able to operate in accordance with normal standards no matter what challenges it is exposed to, and that the structures of responsibility are maintained in extraordinary situations.
Work on emergency planning must be given priority in times without any evident threats against society. Measures to improve safety and security have recently been purposely initiated. The objective has been to initiate measures to...

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