How Should The Un Be Reformed To Promote International Peace And Stability In The 21st Century?

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It is true that the United Nations can claim victory to many past notable achievements. Despite this there are numerous critics of the organization who have asserted that the UN's salient purpose of maintaining of international peace and security is gradually being lessened. Accordingly, many of the afore said achievements are being obscured by the overwhelming sentiment that the United Nations is an ineffective institution, that is of little use to the international community, moreover to the 21st century. For the United Nations to survive it must ensure that its future existence narrowly depends upon the underpinning of a durable peace, and for this to occur, the UN must change.This ...view middle of the document...

Colloquially termed the 'custodians of peace' the five Permanent Members were created to sit continuously on the Council, and were provided with a veto which would allow them to block action on many substantive issues, including appointment of the Secretary General and revisions of the Charter. The right of veto was introduced by the authors of the Charter to make certain that the victorious powers of the Second World War spoke with one voice on significant matters of conflict and stability, but not so much to provide all of them with an instrument allowing them to prevent any given resolution . Hence, they advanced on the assumption that these victorious powers were equipped to act, by and large, in unison, and this was something that was no longer the case only a short time after the end of the Second World War. The initial consequences that the veto was intended to have, and the background in which it was fashioned contrasts strikingly with that of the current global community, particularly the changed map of the world and more specifically the disappearance of colonialism. During the early drafting of the Charter, a great deal of the world was controlled physically, administratively and economically by a restricted number of imperial and colonial powers. Most of those powers viewed the right-of veto in the United Nations as a common extension of their genuine physical power and to some extent it seemed reasonable that there was a necessity for the veto at that time . Although the veto system was founded primarily to shield the interests of the founding members of the United Nations, there is scope to remark upon the political state of affairs that these countries were experiencing after World War Two. Those that defeated the Axis powers came from an opposing faction, one committed to the furtherance of capitalism, the other of communism. For peace and security to be upheld and the intrinsic bipolarity sustained, no resolution unacceptable to any of the permanent members could really be allowed to pass. From the time when the Cold War ended the right of veto has seldom been used, but this does not mean that it plays no physical role, instead it happens time and again that permanent members with the power of veto threaten in a more or less concealed manner to use their veto in order to influence the content of Security Council resolutions. Although from today's safer, more secure perspective, one can appreciate that this arbitrary veto system was a worthy price for peace, there still seems little merit in continuing to apply this type of veto system after the collapse of the bipolar world order. Notably not in a world order whose most prominent feature is globalization, a process which assumes that the system is no longer built on two mutually exclusive ideological schools of thought and theoretically; that the world has develop into a unipolar nexus, thus the values of capitalism have prevailed. Fukoyama describes this phenomenon as 'end of...

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