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How Sibling Relationship Is Affected By The Psychological And Emotional Effects Of Birth Order?

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Birth Order
Birth order is addressed as the arrangement of births of children in a family. The four most common positions used in the Birth Order Theory of Alfred Adler are: only child, first born, middle child and last born. Adler associated those birth order positions with different characteristics for each. He also explained that with every child that will be added to the family there will be an effect for each family member in terms of communication, tasks and duties. (Craighead 2001)
Origin of Birth Order
Almost all of us are familiar of the Birth Order theory that Alfred Adler presented almost a century ago. Adler theorized that our personalities are hugely influenced ...view middle of the document...

Even at this time, certain sensations play a role which evokes a response of joy or comfort in this child. Here the first traces of a philosophy of life come to the surface, although expressed in the most primitive fashion.” (Leman 2009)
Sibling Relationship
As regards to sibling relationship, Kastenbaum (1993) described it as the relation of two or more individuals with the same biological parents. That relation also includes how these individuals act together concerning their awareness, insights, thoughts and feelings regarding each other.
However in some cases, several individuals consider their siblings as opponents or rival in getting the things that they want. Some think that their sibling hinders them from achieving their goals and prevent them from being fortunate. That is where sibling rivalry takes place. (Stein 2002)
Sibling rivalry is not the only issue that was triggered by birth order, child’s personality and his or her intelligence is also involved. Some researchers say that first-borns are smarter because they are pressured to set-up the boundary for the younger siblings. They are more enthusiastic in their education for them to be role models of their other siblings. As for the younger ones, life may be or may not be easy, depending on how they will view it. They may view it positively by keeping in mind that since their older sibling get through it, they also can. Otherwise, they may view it negatively because of the comparison that was made or will be made between him and his older brother or sister. (Black 2007)

Birth Order Ranks and Stereotypical Traits for each Rank
Eichens (1998) discussed how Alfred Adler gave meaning to the relationship of the birth order of individuals to their association with different kinds of people, especially to their families. He said that Adler believed that each of us has inimitable characteristics according to our rank in the birth order.
Initially, let us start the discussion with only children. Only children may have high self-esteem and may experience self-centeredness because of all the attention that will be given to him or her. Adler is also quoted saying, “The only child has difficulties with every independent activity and sooner or later they become useless in life.” Furthermore, only children may display a trait, specifically perfectionism, with their affiliation with others. (Leman 2009)
Likewise, first-borns tend to be conservative, organized and they think that power is his or her right. The reason behind these characteristics is because eldest children look up to their parents as role models and they think that they should try to be like them in terms of behavior. (Leman 2009)
On the other hand, when parents decide to have a second child, they will be less attentive than before because there is already another child competing for their attention. This may cause the second-born child to be less of a perfectionist and just demand for more attention. Also,...

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