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How Society's Judgment At First Sight Contributed To The Monster

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Justin Wickett5/25/2004How Society's Judgment at First Sight Contributed to the MonsterUnfortunately, throughout the course of history, society has judged individuals at first sight based on their physical appearances. In the beginning of Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, Dr. Frankenstein amasses his knowledge from different fields of study to create a human being. Although "the materials at present within [his] command hardly appeared adequate to so arduous an undertaking," (31) Dr. Frankenstein continued his plan and constructed a monster hideous in appearance. Since Frankenstein's monster lacked an appealing physical appearance, he was judged by society that chose to neglect him. This ...view middle of the document...

Although the Monster had preformed a deed to help society, he was rejected because of his looks, and he was assumed evil. Society had already judged the Monster before he could rectify his actions, so there was no hope for the Monster to ever be able to fit into society, which caused him to rebel and seek revenge against it.As the Monster scuttled through the forest, away from Frankenstein and the society that had abandoned him, he came upon a cottage where the inhabitants lived in poverty. At first, the Monster did not contribute to helping them get through hard times because he stole their produce. However, "[...] when [he] found that in doing this [he] inflicted pain on the cottagers, [he] abstained, and satisfied himself with berries, nuts, and roots, which [he] gathered from a neighboring wood" (74). As soon as the Monster realized that the cottagers were accepting people from the way they treated an old blind man, he thought that he might have a chance to be accepted as well and be able to live and function with society. The Monster spent his whole winter learning their language and the human's ways of life in order to better fit in with society. While the cottagers were away, the Monster entered the house to speak with the old man who was not able to see the Monster. The Monster conversed with De Lacy and said, "I have good dispositions; my life has been...

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